Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, May 27, 2011

Chucky Cheese and the Sea Serpent

Cooper had a fun birthday.  Why am I even writing about it?  It's totally obvious from the pictures.  He requested chocolate cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner (which he did not get--I am no Bill Cosby) and Chucky Cheese.  (Earlier he had requested a swimming party but after he broke his arm we started giving him other ideas.  Then we found out the cast was waterproof...shucky darn.  We just barely took our family swimming at the new local facility and it was rather pricey.  Do I really have six people in my family?  Wow.)  He also was consistent about wanting a shield for a present.  Well, I compromised a little and got him a Captain America shield to go with his suit, but he still liked it fine.  The biggest hit has been the Sea Serpent hot wheels set that floats in the bathtub and squirts water at the cars or whomever you point it at.  Boston was more excited than Cooper about that one, and my boys have had more baths in the last week...
Grandpa and Grandma Day joined us at Chucky Cheese and it was certainly nice to have extra grownups stuffing tokens into the machines. 
We also FINALLY got our garden in.  So far the peas and the zukes are up.  Now if I can just keep the kids from trampling everything.
I also just got called to be a ward missionary.  I've never done anything like that before but I'm really excited to help people find the truth and be happy.  I think it helps to be the new girl in town because it's easier to meet people and not have preconceived ideas about them.
I know, this looks like a teensy piece of cake, why did I put the candles on it?  It was actually a recipe that Cooper had recently fallen in love with, a Peanut Butter Brownie Fudge Pudding that you cook in the Crockpot.  I've never done a Crockpot dessert for a birthday before and wasn't sure where to stick the candles.  He declined ice cream.  That's my boy--give me the undiluted chocolate.  (Actually this is so rich I had to have ice cream on mine.  I guess he is tougher than all of us.)

Monday, May 16, 2011

the Wide Hole

A couple of weeks ago I was upset about something and Mark said to Macy, "Tell Mommy she's the best Mommy in the whole wide world."  Macy gave me a tender kiss and said, "You're the...Mommy in the Wide Hole."
Well, that definitely changed my mood.  Mommies in the Wide Hole can handle anything.  Here she is huffing and puffing and blowing the house down.
Mark told me yesterday that we had been married for 4, 404 days exactly.  (I thought it was romantic that he had looked it up on the internet.)  I think he has been feeling grateful for the stability in our family and marriage because some of his coworkers are going through some rough stuff, and he is so amazed that a relationship could deteriorate that far.  Oh, and he just thinks I'm wonderfulness personified, as well.  We celebrated our 12 year anniversary last month.    He is my best thing that ever happened.

Mother's Day was fun, even with the wide hole comment.  The kids were super excited to be nice to me and draw me extra pictures, etc., and I loved popping away on my customized box of Sees Chocolates from Mark that I had selected on our date the evening before.
Leslie had a life-changing weekend a couple of weeks ago.  She came home from school and said, "Mom, I've noticed something.  I've been asking the other kids in the class what the whiteboard says because they can read it and I can't.  And I have to get out of bed to see what my alarm clock says in the morning."
So, I made an appointment with our beloved Bishop Dr. Gray from our old neighborhood and sure enough, he deemed her worthy of a constant pair of glasses.  Mark and I were pretty floored because neither of us wear glasses or know the first thing about eye stuff, but Leslie seemed to take it all in stride with a shrug.  I guess several of her friends also have glasses.  She is being way more mature about the whole thing than I would have been at her age (hopefully this means the vanity thing didn't get passed to my children.)  Actually, they fit her face pretty well and she seemed to be pretty pleased with Dr. Gray's statement that nearsightedness has been scientifically proven to be connected to high IQs.
"I come from Alabamy with a banjo on my knee...."
Macy has been pretty gung ho with potty training, even though I meant her miniature toilet to be more of a suggestion than a goal after the prolonged and awful training of the last two.  I didn't want to post the harmonica incident, but Mark thinks it is pretty funny. 
I also had a lovely evening with my not-so-formal quilt guild on Friday.  We do a block exchange every year or so, and this one I was very excited about.  We all were supposed to design or choose a block that reflected our Utah Heritage.  I chose to do the Tabernacle Pipe Organ with the choir down below.  It turned out surprisingly well and I was really impressed with what everyone else did and the meaning they explained behind their choices.  Here is a shot of the blocks (although I realized that mine is not in this bunch because I have a few more stitches to put in on some of the applique--I'll just have to post it later.)
Now, what do I put in the center?
Phew.  This post is getting long.  My latest news is that yesterday I was released from teaching the seven year olds in Primary and called to be a Ward Missionary.  I've never done anything like that before but I'm excited to see what kind of help I can give.