Days 2017

Days 2017

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Spa

I love Thursdays. Inhale, Exhale....Smile. Vacuuming Day. When I'm done I seriously feel like I've just had a day at the spa. And the freshly vacuumed stairs and baseboards? They are like the pedicure. Be gone, Cheez-it crumbs, quilting snips, popcorn seeds and sock lint. I feel all dressed up with no place to go, but why on earth would I want to go anywhere? A sparkly house puts me in an exuberant mood (it may have to do with all those endorphins I worked up by shoving that vacuum all over the place, or maybe that my kids are somehow little angels again after their toys are picked up) and makes me want to share the joy. So here are some cute things.
1. Boston and Cooper saving the world while I vacuum the basement. Capes are a such a nice, non-cluttery toy. Boston is really not that much taller than Cooper--they are standing on the beanbag chair. The other day a door-to-door salesman asked if they were twins. I said, no, it's just the haircuts.

2. Meet Macy's imaginary enemy. She calls it her monster. It lives on the underside of the banister. This morning I had to talk her out of trying to feed it some vanilla yogurt.

3. Boston has been enjoying the nicer weather, although he is bothered that Kindergarten Orientation was a big fake-out and he doesn't actually get to start Real Kindergarten until fall. He has recently made friends with some robins that like to sing in our backyard. This photo is from the morning he informed me that he had made a bird trap. Look closely and you will see the not-so-fresh worm next to the goldfish on the deck stair. He failed to explain how the bird would actually get trapped if it did, in fact, take the bait. But he watched that trap all morning, and even tried it in the front yard watching out the window and yelling to Cooper to come quick! anytime a bird approached our lawn. I guess we should spend some time making a bird feeder. He took some comfort in that idea. "You can buy birdfeed at the store?"

I am also enjoying my membership to a county-wide library system. (That was actually the most exciting thing to me about moving here.) I can pretty much request any book I can think of and it magically appears on the hold shelf with my name in it. Pick me up, Jaclyn Day! I have to learn to pace myself because it seems like all of my requests (wishes to the book genie, really) always show up on the same day. Last week I finished the best novel I have read in a long time and had to agree with the critic on the back that it is the best kept secret in the literary world. Precious Bane by Mary Webb. Flat out gorgeous. And I'm not even partial just because my son also had a cleft lip.


Darcy said...

Come vacuum my house if you need another spa day.

The Haynes Herd said...

That was an awesome blog. . . I'm still laughing about the bird trap and monster. That looks so real. I'm surprised she's friends with it and feeds it. I'd be scared. And I too love a freshly vacuumed house. yesterday I took the boys to an easter egg hunt/ potluck lunch with some friends and Jake stayed home and packed, cleaned bathrooms and vacuumed the floors. I rarely get to see the lines the vacuum leaved anymore because the boys run all over the carpet after I vacuum. but yesterday I opened the door and could see the freshly "mowed" carpet tracks. It was beautiful.