Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tangled, Torched, and Torn Wide Open

Leslie has been off track school for the first time (she goes to year-round school now.) I told her we would try to do some "field trips" while she was home because none of her friends were home at the same time, and March is a boring time for a vacation anyway. So, we went to the new children's exhibit at the Church History Museum on Temple Square. It was a blast, and a little bit of a big step for me--I was trying out the idea that my kids are finally old enough that I can take them places without Mark and no one will run into the street, etc. (Although I'm still reluctant to take all of them to the pool by myself--someone would surely drown.) They played and played until they were sick of it. One of their favorite parts was the life-sized TV screen dance instructors that taught them the Cucaracha and one other dance, complete with costumes. They boys also liked fishing off of Nephi's boat and gathering eggs from the chickens.

This "cake" is my Martha Stewart moment of the year. Macy had a birthday and doesn't really go for cake, but I know that she loves my Oreo bonbons and strawberries, so I made her this platter instead.
Here is the birthday girl having "her" choice of favorite food for dinner--my favorite Spinach Pie. Hey, she cleaned her plate, and the next morning when I was having leftovers for breakfast she mooched most of mine, too, so maybe I wasn't that far off.

For birthday presents she got a new potty chair (hooray!!!) that she isn't afraid to sit on and already loves, a Belle barbie, a magic wand, and some pretty dresses. Thanks Mom! She cried when I wouldn't let her put the pink one on as soon as she opened it. I told her we need to save it for church but she could look at it hanging in her closet.

Oops. I forgot to prep her about the candles in her face. She's kind of scared of fire since our gas stove doesn't light very well and has had some flashy flaming incidents that freaked her out pretty bad. So, we sang fast and I told Boston he could go ahead and blow them out. After the goodies I was so excited to take the entire family to the movies for Macy's birthday adventure. We haven't been since she was a baby and howled, and I had to stand out in the lobby with her. We went to Tangled because I knew she would sit for a princess movie. (And it was finally at the dollar show.) So fun. It was a little intense for Cooper (he is the one who usually hides behind the doorway when anything scary is on, except Star Wars, go figure) in parts because we had to sit on the second row--he kept covering his ears and asking if we could go home, but I think he still liked it okay.
Oh, I guess that wasn't so bad.
Chocolate solves just about anything. Happy birthday to me.
PS. The Torn Open part of the title is referring to Macy's presents and also to Boston's head. He slipped drying off from his bath today and split his scalp on the step stool. Mark had to take him to the Instacare before church. They opted not to staple him because the doctor figured it would only take a couple of days more to heal if we just left it alone with some Neosporin.


Brooke and Jared said...

At least you know she won't be a pyromaniac and want to play with matches :) It was so fun talking with her on the phone the other day. She is so grown up now!

The Haynes Herd said...

It looks like she had a fun day. I love the birthday treat platter idea and congratulations on taking all the kids to a museum and bringing them all back alive. That is quite a feat. I'm impressed.

Brandon and Miranda said...

It has really been to long. Your kids have changed so much since we have gotton together. Hey I was wondering if you could call me...I don't have your number. Hope to talk to you soon!