Days 2017

Days 2017

Monday, February 28, 2011

More shots of the house for Brookie

No puppy dog tails in here, but Boston and Cooper have the pails and snails covered.
Brooke wanted to see more pictures of my house, hopefully so she and Jared will know they can come to visit us and will have a place to sleep! (Or any of the rest of you.)

The front hallway. The front door is just to the left of this couch.

The master bedroom. Sorry guys, this bed is taken. You still have an air mattress, right? I know just where to put it. Right....
here. See that place on the floor between MY office chair and the couch? (Macy calls this sad slipcovered one the bootiful couch. We decided to put it there to discourage the boys from sneaking outside and also to have a place to watch Netflix. So, I guess this means you have your own theater system if you come, too!) There is a bathroom that goes with it, too, but I try to stay out of it as much as possible because it belongs to my boys. I once saw a sign on the bathroom wall that I need to get. "We aim to please. You aim, too, please!"

Part of the great room in the basement, leading to the office and the boys' bedroom.

The backyard "clubhouses". See my little cowboys hiding up against the wall? They've already really enjoyed riding bikes, etc., around on this private drive that leads to our back garage.

The deck runs the length of the house and needs a paint job. Perry? Are you up for a field trip?

The view off the back deck is even better at nighttime.

Macy's room. You'll notice I cut off the floor. It was probably covered in baby shoes or doll clothes. I didn't dare do Leslie's room (always a mess--I don't get it--she's at school all day!) or the boys' room because although it stays pretty clean, it's in the basement and kind of dark, not to mention the Star wars and Indiana Jones poster adding to the atmosphere.

Cooper is shooting the bear in the bushes on the median, in front of the pine tree. It's black. We didn't know it was there until we had lived here almost a month. Now, the boys shoot it everyday and miraculously, it just keeps coming back to life. We'll have to get a closer picture of it when it warms up. There are also several elk statues in this development.

The main entrance. I cut off the ugly peeling-paint garage doors on the right.

Leslie finishes crocheting her first scarf. She had it for three days and one of the strings broke on the end, where the fringes are tied. I need to figure out how to repair it before the whole thing unravels.
Surpise, Darcy! This baby comforter is double stuffed so you can lay baby on the floor. Hard to tell not close-up, but the stars are actually kaleidoscope blocks of giraffes, elephants, zebras, parrots, with some jaguar and bird of paradise in the corners.

And I almost like the back even better. Leslie helped me pick it out.

Duke came for the weekend...we hadn't seen him for a while. He bribed Cooper with making a snowman so I wouldn't have to take all of my kids to the library with me. I couldn't get their faces to show very light because they are standing under the deck, sorry.

Well, the snowman is gone now, and so is the quilt, but the rest of it is still here, so come by and see us sometime!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

She's been listening...

A few days ago Macy demonstrated her developing motherhood skills. (She is not yet two years old.) I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes and she wanted me to come downstairs with her. "Follow me, Mom!" I put her off and she waited for a second. Then she stared at me hard, stomped her little foot and sang the lyrics "When my mother calls me--quickly I'll obey!"
We have spent a fun week playing out in the cold and rain (Boston loves his hand-me-down umbrella). Leslie has been working hard preparing for a piano recital and I have been working hard working her. She is not overly fond of the piano but works much better if I am behind her, telling her what parts to do over. Again. Again. Again. She's getting there, and is probably excited for the recital to be over so her mom can slide more to the background. I also was happy to finally get Darcy's baby quilt top done, even though my master plan had to change because one of the pieces somehow got lost in the move. Thursday night I spent at the Jordan River Temple. Wonderful. Did I mention I can see three beautiful temples from my house?
I apologize for not doing more pictures. The kids look the same to me, and they are always cute and funny, so I tend to forget to pull out the camera.
All right, this was a lame post.
I'm done.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Intense and Intents

Leslie asked me tonight, "Mom, what does "intense" mean?" I tried to explain it to her, then I asked why she wanted to know. "Well, the babysitter last night kept saying, "This is intense!""

I had a sermon-worthy about-face today that I thought I should share. As we were preparing to move, and then when we did and were meeting the new people in our neighborhood and ward, it seemed to me like the first question out of everyone's mouth was, "So, are you buying or renting?" I HATED answering that question because I've been a homeowner for eight years and (pridefully) have occasionally thought of renters as second-class citizens or something. So of course, I hate to admit that yes, I am living in a "Villa of Reduced Circumstances" for awhile until we recover from our own personal economic downturn that included a short sale of our dream home (one that I was also a little too proud of, so I guess it serves me right). Also, I felt like the new people we met were trying to gauge how much effort they should put into being our new friends. As in, "are you going to be here for long time, or are you going to ditch us in a few months?" The second week we were here, an older woman sitting behind us in church asked us the dreaded question and we answered it for what seemed like the umpteenth time. It was the straw that broke this camel's back. When we got home I railed and fumed and cried to Mark and then tried to laugh it off, threatening to him that I was going to compose a whole blog about it, about why don't people realize how rude and prying it might be to ask someone if they are renting or buying, kind of like you should never ever ask someone if they are pregnant. It never turns out well--as in, "were you raised in a barn?". He told me I'd better not because I sounded pretty bitter.
I am so glad today that I followed his advice. The bishop spoke today about never judging people, and he shared a few stories about how you never really know the intents of someone's heart. After church today I got a knock at the door. It was the older woman who had asked me the dreaded question a few weeks ago. She was bringing something by for Leslie, but I got to visit with her for a few minutes. It turns out she lives a few houses behind me. As we chatted about the horses in the pasture behind us, she asked me if they were ours and I said, no, the owner rented the pasture separately and subsequently discounted our rent. She timidly asked me what we were paying. I told her and she listened carefully, asking about the number of bedrooms, etc. Then she told me that she was worried about her future because she may end up placing her husband in some kind of long-term care and was hoping she could live in the basement apartment of their home and rent out the main house. She told me her plan for how she could afford the added expenses and how much she would need to make everything work, but much of her plan depends on how much she can rent her house out for. Which is why she asked me the dreaded question of course.
I felt like a heel, but was SO glad I got to visit with her, that she would share her problems with me, and that I was lucky enough to be able to haul out some more of my pride and replace it with love. I told her if she wanted any help figuring out what to do when the time came, I would be there for her.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Things that happen
when my kids are BORED.
Boston learns how to spell "Stupid". Hey, it motivated him.
BossHog & CoopDawg make up their own rap. Complete with butterfly nets.
Cooper tries on Grandpa's bald-guy hat. Boston is also sporting his Batman shirt with wings.
We go to the library. Mom and Leslie come back with a zillion novels. The guys aim a little lower. (Notice Cooper's wannabe light-saber he is holding for comparison.)
Macy starts digging in the pantry and scoops out flour all over herself and her clothes. And then tries to clean up.
Leslie gets older and plays with fire, but she is laughing too hard to blow out the last few candles.

Today seemed very long. I looked at the clock at 2:00 and thought, are you kidding me? Leslie doesn't even get home for two more hours??! It was long because it was cold outside and the kids seemed extra loud, bored, whiny and needy. So I did what any other rational mama would do--I gave in to the whining and called a friend to come play with Boston. (He only whines for three things. TV, Friends to Play, and MORE snacks). I thought that was going well until 45 minutes later, Boston and his little friend Miriam came up to me and declared that our house was "the boringest". They wanted to play at her house instead. I had already told her mom that I would keep her longer, but they insisted that there wasn't a single thing in the house or out of it that they wanted to play with, and I wasn't about to give in to Whine Subject #1--TV. So, feeling guilty for being the boringest Mom, I called my friend Yolanda back and she agreed to take Boston over there. Again. About half an hour later my other new friend, Rebecca, called. She and Yolanda had decided to entertain all their kids. By taking them horseback riding at a park. They wanted my permission to let Boston come along. Sure. Guess I truly am the boringest! I can't really compete with that. NOR would I want to. You ladies are awesome and fun, but CRAZY! It was like, 30 degrees out and blizzarding! I know this town is way more of a horse town than even Lehi (home of the Roundup Days Rodeo), but even in Montana, moms don't just up and decide to take a bunch of kids horseback riding in a blizzard just because the kids are being stinkers. I guess this is just a good illustration of the minor adjustments that come from moving--they are just very different adjustments than I expected. Another minor example--ALL of Boston's new friends have dogs. Big ones. In our last neighborhood he had, not kidding, more than 12 boys his age group within two blocks and not a single one that I can think of had a dog. Okay, maybe one, but it was a tiny dog. And maybe a cat, but Boston likes cats. He is terrified of dogs and I'm not too fond of them myself. Dana Jo, it's all your fault. You and your barky German shepherd with the funny name, Heidl or something (I just keep thinking Heil Hitler...). I guess this is a good way for him to get over it--lured by boredom into the jaws of terror.
Everyone has chickens here. Not fond of chickens, either, but I am always needing to borrow an egg on Sunday, so I guess that's a good thing, too.
The kids (and I) had mellowed out a bit by dinner, and I managed to find some humor in some of the things they said. During family scripture study I was asking the kids what they thought about the phrase "the Holy Ghost speaketh the truth and lieth not." Boston had a good answer--so he thought. "Goliath was a big giant. He got killed." Mark and I looked at each other in puzzlement. Then we realized he was listening, sort of. Go-Lieth.
Leslie helped Boston get ready for his Family Home Evening lesson. He is always very serious about how he wants it to be, and he insisted that he wanted a scripture about Resurrection. I didn't know any of this, all I heard when she came to me for help was, "Mom, where's the Tropical Guide?"
Macy had mercifully agreed to take a nap this afternoon, and she was in fine spirits after dinner. As I was washing the dishes, she was being girly and playing house or something with a clean changing pad that usually fits onto her changing table. She's lay it on the floor, and sit on it and talk to herself, then put it somewhere else and do the same thing. Finally she spread it out on the table and stood back to admire her work. In a hushed voice, "Oohhh. The diaper changey is BOOTiful!" So are you Macy. And the rest of you children, too. Even on long, boring days.
PS. I removed no less than 14 bracelets, rubber bands and hair elastics from Macy's wrist and ankle tonight when putting her to bed. Just thought you might think that was fantastic.
PPS. I found out that the 50 lb bag of flour I thought I had in storage for the last five years, the one that needs to get used, is actually a 50 lb bag of Farina. I looked up Farina online. Farina is the fancy way of saying Cream of Wheat. Gag-me-with-a-spoon. Guess where that puppy is going for the next fifty years or until I die? A little duct tape and it's as good as new, back on the shelf!