Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Santa and Smooching

I haven't written much in here about Macy Face. She is getting into the hilarious part of learning to talk, full sentences where she says a lot of funny things.
*The Bishopric came to visit us in our new home, and one of the counselors was entertaining Macy with her magna-doodle. He drew a self-portrait with glasses, etc., and said, "Who's this?" Macy declared, "MONKEY!"
*All of my kids have loved Mother Goose, and the book is pretty tattered. Macy requested it the other night, and although I have only read it to her a thousand times, when we got to Old King Cole she got this shocked, excited look on her face and pointed at him. "Santa Claus!" It's actually been kind of hard to read it to her lately because instead of listening she just points at everything and says, "Look, Mom." Look, Mom." at every single object on the page. It's not really a problem in other stories, but it kind of messes with my rhythm a bit on "Hickory Dickory Dock" and "Simple Simon met a Pieman". (And it makes it harder. Usually I "read" it while gazing out the window.)
*There are a lot of horses in our neighborhood. Macy likes horses. She calls them "Worsies".
*She likes to wear the Dora the Explorer backpack, except she calls it her "Pack-a-pack"
*She is not the soundest sleeper in the world, usually crying out in the night a few times in her sleep, but I rarely have to get out of bed. I've always suspected that she is just a vivid dreamer, and she finally proved it. The other morning she woke up howling. I went in to get her and found her coverless and kind of cold. She angrily insisted, "Cooper tookt my jammies!"
*Although she is definitely a mama's girl, she likes it when Mark makes her laugh. He was holding her tight and bending upside down with her, and she shrieks, "Help! I stuck in Daddy!" (I snickered a little bit at this and asked Mark if his name was Mud.)

Cooper has also amused us lately by being quite the ladies' man. We went out for 2 shakes and 4 courtesy cones, (can I get a "CHEAP CHEAP"?) at Arctic Circle and let the kids play in the playground there. Cooper kept wandering to a window that divided the play area from the restaurant. On the other side of the window were six teenage girls crammed into a booth. He was waving shyly, and smiling, and playing peekaboo. We were busting up laughing and finally got him to give them a wink goodbye. He's a good winker.
Then this morning, he didn't want to get dressed. Mark remembered the trick that works on teenagers. In a singsong voice, "Better get dressed for church because you might SEE someone there..." Cooper ducks his head, flashes his dimple and asks, "Rowan?"
(Rowan is the cute blond neighbor girl he played dress-up with. She was a princess and she asked him if he would be her prince. It has been reported that she also gave him a little kiss on the cheek.)
Mark nods his head and pulls Cooper's shirt on him. Boston decides to chime in. "Maybe you could give her a kiss. On the lips!"
Mark gives him the buzzer, (wrong answer) sound, and says, "No00. No kissing. We don't do that."
Boston decides to retract his statement. "Right. No kissing until you are older. Pause. Pause. Like me."
Luckily (for her) the girl Boston says he likes lives far away and we haven't seen her since last spring.

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I can't wait until your kids are teenagers :)