Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pedro & Napoleon, Farewell!

How's this for spoiled rotten? I have two dishwashers. Really. Just like some people have double ovens. They weren't much different in cost than cabinets, and we had lots of space, so Mark convinced me to do it when our house was being built. I thought it was a dumb idea at the time, but he insisted. When we first moved in Leslie wasn't sure which one was dirty and which one clean, and didn't understand North and East, so we named one Pedro and one Napoleon.
What will I do without you, my swishy-washy friends?? Live like the rest of the world in their one-dishwasher ignorance?? That's what happens when you move out of a house that you designed exactly to your liking. Tis better to have loved and lost. Four and a half years of soft living is pretty good.
Our house is finally almost sold.
The buyers are nice, with a big family to fill up our big house (that makes me feel good.)
Mark is taking a new job at Wells Fargo after Christmas and will be working a ways north from here.
We think we have a dandy new place lined up.
Get this--my other major spoilage from my home is that I have a room-sized pantry with a dedicated space for our Deep Freeze (with an original painting of some cows, also some brand burns from Mark's Great Grandpas' hanging over it, in homage to beef. PS. Dad, where the heck is my heart-S-quartercircle to hang on the other side? The city boy son-in-law is showing you up! If you don't find your branding iron I'm going to have to hang up a Schwann's ice cream lid instead, ha ha.) Anyway, I was really, really sad that I would no longer have easy access to the deep freeze. Then when we were looking for houses this week, I walked into the mudroom off of this kitchen and saw another door. I opened it up, and gasped audibly. This little house had a HUGE pantry, shelves floor to ceiling on two walls, and a blank, shining wall at the back that was just singing to me for a deep freeze to keep it company. I think it was a little private Christmas gift to me.
I hope we get it. I'll keep you posted.


erica e said...

wow! so where will yall end up? are you going over the border (into salt lake county)? sad to leave your beautiful home and trustworthy dishwashers. BUT wonderful memories are still to be made in a new home for yall. i'm sure you could make any place warm and homey and full of freshly baked treats.

Kristin said...

Oh am I glad I didn't know you had 2 dishwashers. We couldn't have been friends for that 4 years. Welcome back my friend!!!! And good luck to Mark in his new job.