Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

some little turkeys

Happy November already?!
First take a look at my Turkey quilt top I just finished, and then let's reminisce about October.
Brooke and Jared got to come and stay the night on their way home to Montana. I kidnapped Brooke after our double date to Cafe Rio and took her to play volleyball with some other gals from my stake. I have been going for a couple of months and it was fun to waltz in with my nearly 6 foot sister. I had never seen her play in high school and it was fun to get to scrimmage. She's much better than I am, thank goodness. The best part of the night, however, was when one of the ladies (a good actress or genuinely curious) asked us if we were sisters and wondered who was older. I am by nine years.
Here is a shot of how I found Brooke and Macy the next morning--sitting in a pile of doll clothes where Brooke was happily changing all the clothes.
Halloween was fun. We carved pumpkins and trick-or-treated. It rained a little but the kids didn't care, and Macy loved wearing her princess dress and getting the candy. Duke came down to go to a Halloween party or something and we threw together this great Beach Boys costume for him. Bet the ladies loved it!

I love the shot of the kids playing Ring Around the Rosy-- all of them are singing.

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