Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, November 26, 2010

Say Uncle

We had a fun, relaxed Thanksgiving. I didn't realize how relaxed it was until I went to visit one of my friends the day before. She had found out last minute that she was going to be hosting, and her kids were bustling around, doing jobs to get the house ready. She is one of the sweetest, most soft-spoken mamas I know, and it's a good thing because she has lots of kids. That's why I had to bust out laughing when I received a little glimpsed into her holiday frazzlement. One of her sons, about Boston's age, was buzzing around us for attention as we chatted. She finally put her hand on her shoulder, to still him and to get his attention. "What did I ask you to do?" she said. He thought for a split second....."Ta shut up?"
We escaped the hustle bustle by eating at Mark's folks, where my only offerings were the green beans, the marshmallowed yams, and a pecan pie that one of Mark's business contacts gave us. I think we started cooking 20 minutes before we left the house. It was great!!! Then, when it was approaching nap-time we drove over to Park City where several of my aunts and uncles had rented a big condo for the weekend. It was fun to see so many of my cousins that I haven't seen for years because they always visit Montana at a different time than we do. They are almost all teenagers now! So weird because I was the little kid when their parents were teenagers, and now my kids are the little ones. It makes me dizzy. The youngest one I haven't seen since she was a toddler. She's almost six now, and I had a little talk with her, trying to explain that we both had the same grandparents. I told her I was the oldest grandkid, and she was the youngest, so that makes us the best! She seemed to like that idea. We have a 26 year gap.
I didn't realize how much influence some of the older cousins, or maybe my bachelor brother, or maybe one of my uncles having a little fun, had on Boston until today, though. Mark was in his office working and Boston wandered in, asking if he could play with him. Mark's answer was no, and Boston tried to come up with an appropriate response of disappointment. "Awww. I never get any hot chicks!"

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Glad we could be a good meeting place! Hope everyone had fun, share any pictures with us when you become a fan,