Days 2017

Days 2017

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In the Tops of the Mountains

We couldn't resist a little Moses shot here. This is a crazy place for a big beautiful field, near where we got engaged. It really is way, way at the top of the mountains, near the summit. It would be a fabulous place for a pageant or something. It's popular for snowmobiling in the winter.This was the back of the Fishlake Natl. forest, heading toward Junction. The leaves here look like the yellow brick road or something, because they follow the road the whole way down. (Because of the stream the road is built next to...)

Me trying to be fearless at Bryce Canyon.

For UEA break Mark surprised me and got permission for our family to go stay at his Uncle's cabin in the Fishlake Natl. Forest outside of Beaver. We haven't been there for nearly 12 years--it was where we were staying with Mark's cousins on New Year's Eve '98 when he popped the question under a pine tree, after snowmobiling to Big Flat. (Ah, now I'm getting excited for Christmas music season--strictly after Thanksgiving in this house--just so I can listen to Harry Connick, Jr. sing about "What are you doin' New Year's Eve?"...THE most romantic song I can even think of; I'm so biased! I get a lump in my throat every time I hear it.) We tried to track down the exact tree, but were a little unsure because of the years and the lack of snow not covering up the shrubbery, etc. Here is a picture with me in front of the best candidate. We are pretty sure we at least got within 100 feet of the magic spot, so that was cool to show the kids.
The weather was beautiful and so were the leaves, and we all had fun except for Macy at about midnight each night, when she woke up and screamed for an hour because, I don't know, that seems to be a habit with her whenever we go somewhere. At least we weren't in a hotel. Scream baby scream.
We weren't all that far from Bryce canyon, so we also spent some time there. I was a little nervous at the lack of guardrails at some of the sites, but it was pretty. The kids enjoyed pretending to be mountain lions on the rocks. I know, weird, but it's a family tradition. My brothers are still the most convincing.
We went to the first Halloween party of the season last night. I'll wait until after the big day and then post some fun costume pictures.

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Darcy said...

Now this is true time together and memories forever. Thanks for sharing.!