Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Skinny jeans mutiny and the Big 32

So, before I tell you about my birthday, I wanted to share my fashion ineptitude with the world. First of all, I like the basic idea of the skinny jean, but I have a problem with accessorizing. I love socks! Big, fat cushy ones to wear around the house (since that's where I am 85% of the time, anyway) and EXTREMELY dislike the current fashion of wearing flip flops or ballet shoes with everything, because the socks become ridiculous. I find myself peeling off my socks every time I'm out the door to go to the store or something. What am I supposed to do once it gets colder? I thought about getting a pair of boots for my birthday, but the riding type boots are all so high and expensive, and I can't just step into them while holding a squirming toddler, and the dumb looking moon boots are just, well, dumb looking moon boots. Any tips?
Back to the skinny jean. When I finished nursing Macy I was down to my wedding weight and decided to celebrate by buying two pairs of skinny jeans. They were even comfy and I was feeling pretty good about life. A few months went by. I had a birthday. I did laundry. Pair number one of the skinny jeans popped the button and now I can't get it to stay on. It's likely to fly across the room while I'm picking up legos. I tried wearing them with just the zipper and that lasted until I tried going out in public and the zipper tried to run away, and hide somewhere down in my blasted sockless shoes. Good thing I had a long shirt!
This morning I attempted to put on pair number two, fresh out of the dryer. (What was I thinking?). Some teeth popped off the zipper and now it's completely inoperable.
It's a sign.
Mark got a birthday card when he turned 30 that had a Far Side type cartoon on it with a man shopping in the jeans department, surrounded by policemen. "Step away from the trendy jeans and back into the relaxed fit!" I should have copied it and sent it to myself.
I did have a really good birthday, though. Mark asked me if I felt old and I told him no because I feel like I'm at the point in life where I always pictured myself at this age, anyway. We had a fun family adventure driving and hiking on the Mt. Nebo Loop, and the maple trees were turning red, so everything was gorgeous. Here are some cute pictures of my little hikers and the Grotto Waterfall where we went. The other landscape shot is an overlook that looks clear down onto Utah lake and across. We're way up high. Then Mark watched the football game, I watched a movie while Macy slept, and then he took me out to dinner and the play, The Mousetrap, by Agatha Christie, that I've always wanted to see.
Some other happy announcements.
Boston had a birthday, got a bigger bike, and announced to me the next day that he could ride it without training wheels....and he could! I was shocked. It took Leslie YEARS to learn to ride a bike.
He was super excited about my birthday and had all kinds of homemade gifts and pictures for me. My favorite is pictured here- a Rock Museum.
My best gift to myself was finally getting Cooper potty trained. I'm still ecstatic about that one.
I also just finished canning 27 quarts of Lemon Elberta Peaches. Yummy.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Muddy Buddies

Today was Bostons' first day of preschool. Then, after celebrating with French Fries from Arctic Circle (they make the best...), I put Macy down for a nap while the boys went out to play in the backyard. After she was asleep, I checked on them. They were getting into minor trouble by taking the lids off the flooded sprinkler control boxes at the bottom of the deck stairs and "fishing" in them with some weed stems. Both had their socks and shoes off and their shorts a little bit wet. No biggie--they were having a blast with each other--every Mom's dream. I thought I would have a nice little surprise for them when they came in and changed their clothes, so I made them some Muddy Buddy chex mix. When it was done, I went outside to check on them.
They had a little surprise for me.
Both of them were buck naked.
If they had been muddy, maybe that would have been less shocking to all the people driving past and all the neighbors who can see into our backyard.
Those muddy buddies were yummy. I had some while the boys got dressed.
They are still downstairs, fully clothed, cleaning up all the toys in the basement before they can have any.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Prairie Paisley and other Summer Sundries

This summer has been a good one for finishing projects. (Other than potty training, which drags on and on...After a couple weeks off (things were getting a little too frustrating), today we said a final goodbye to pullups and declared it underwear day. Three accidents to two voluntary trips. And that's progress.) Our air conditioner on the main floor has been out all summer, so I've spent a lot of time in the basement. I'm not very good at playing with my kids for very long, but I like to be available, so I read or sew or referee, and they play. When we decided at the beginning of this year that we would try to sell our house, I didn't want to go into a frenzy of cleaning and organizing since the time frame wasn't very urgent, but I did want to finish some projects that I'd had stuffed into a closet. Now the house has three offers on it, we still don't know the time frame, and I've made some very satisfying creations.
The Rosy Windmills quilt I started when I was going through my years of infertility and decided that, doggonit, I was just going to make myself a quilt if I coulnd't make one for a baby. Mid project, I found out I was pregnant, and then that I was having a boy, so that one was put on hold for a long time. Then I got kind of sick of it and made something else for Macy (plus, she needed one with blue in it because her bedroom is blue), but now that it's done (except the binding to be stitched) I love it. I think whichever child finally gets it (do I have any nieces on the way?) should be named Rosie!
The Prairie Paisley quilt top just got ironed up today. I did this quilt as a quilt block exchange with my Loch Lomond Quilt guild. We each did 12 stars that were the same and then exchanged them two years ago. The only stipulation was that it was a 12 inch star and that we used the fabric line called "Prairie Paisley". My star is the top left blue one--not my fav. I did a courthouse steps border around it to make it big enough for a queen bed. Next summer I think we'll use it as a bedspread. My grandma LaVonne would have loved it--she liked flags/Americana.
Other projects I've worked on this summer include teaching my kids how to work and do regular chores--see Macy playing dress up with Leslie in the bathroom they just cleaned? Macy must not have caught the gist of it, though, because here is a few days later when she and Cooper decided to trash a different bathroom.
As for my ongoing project--EATING--I have had a favorite summer recipe that I keep wanting to eat by the bucketful. (Last summer's favorite was homemade bruschetta with my own tomatoes and basil and loads of garlic) My cousin-in-law Shelley made this for the Memorial Day reunion and I've kind of reverse engineered it until I think I've got a pretty good copy. I don't know what she calls it, but I'm going for Cucumber Cottage Cheese dip. It's very easy and you can just stir it up with a spoon. (This one would have been good last summer when we picked well over 100 cukes!)

Cucumber Cottage Cheese Dip
3 big scoops Cottage Cheese
1 small scoop mayo
1 grated cucumber, no need to peel
2 chopped green onions
a generous sprinkling of garlic salt
Stir and eat with Triscuits (if you prefer the salty) or Wheat Thins (if you prefer a bit sweeter). I like the Triscuits.