Days 2017

Days 2017

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bocky Baby

Macy has reached one of my favorite baby stages--the pick up a few new words every day stage. A couple days ago we had beef and broccoli for dinner. She LOVES broccoli and would eat it like candy. When I asked her if she wanted more broccoli, she'd nod her head emphatically and mimic me, "Bocky!" I think she only says two other food words: cracker and cake. Who would have guessed "broccoli" would be number three? As I cleaned up the kitchen that night she was wandering around, digging in the drawers and cupboards as usual, but repeating over and over to herself, Brocky. Bocky Brocky? Bocky. She can also say everyone's name (with "Sissy" or "SisSis" for Leslie) except for Cooper. We try to get her to say that one and she looks at us like, Yeah right! She has taken to calling for Leslie whenever I do. I'll holler up the stairs, "Leeeeslieeee.... come set the taaaable!" and Macy will go to the bottom of the stairs, crane her neck and start yelling, "Siiiisssyyy! Siiisssy!" until Leslie comes down. Last night the kids were playing dodgeball with Mark while I finished up dessert, and Macy decided to join in. Mark made me come down and watch her run from one wall to the other, giggling all the way while Mark pegged her and the other kids with their toy basketball. She runs like such a girl, and is so little still that she has to watch the floor while she runs to keep herself from tripping.
Leslie starts school tomorrow. She's always excited, and that's easy to relate to. I think September is my favorite month because that was when school started--so much anticipation! And I LOVE the gorgeous fall weather we'll be in soon, although not quite soon enough. The first time I came down to BYU, as a high school senior, I was visiting for a few days as part of their recruitment program or something, and it was mid-September. I packed all these sweatshirts and long pants, etc. Duh! Why didn't anyone warn me. I about died of heat the whole time. Back home the seasons change just in time for the school year, so it makes school shopping very purposeful. I tried taking Leslie school shopping last weekend and it's always such a downer for me because her outfit for the first day of school will usually be shorts and sandals--summer clothes--so we really don't even need to buy anything. (I do anyway just to make myself feel like we're doing something spiffy for the first day of school.) This year she even argued with me that she didn't need anything and I still made her buy a new shirt. She's kind of at the age where she is becoming fashion conscious enough (or at least have enough individual preference) that she knows what she doesn't like, but her tastes aren't quite developed to the point where she knows what she does like.
Our conversation in TARGET went something like this.
Me: Looks like there's a lot of stuff here. Anything stand out to you?
Leslie: Mmummm. Shrugg. Big eyes.
Me: Come on. What do you like? What do you picture yourself wearing the first day of school?
Leslie (slightly louder, and shrugging again): I don't know!
Me: Sigh. Well, these are kind of cute...
Leslie: Too boyish.
Me: How 'bout these cute sweaters?
Leslie: It's way to hot to try those on, and they'd probably be itchy.
Me: Do you like any of these shirts? They're on sale...
Leslie: Maybe. But I don't like Hannah Montana or stuff like that on a shirt.
Me: What about a plain one. Purple?
Leslie: I kind of already have alot of purple stuff.
Me (gesturing to the most darling little plaid shirts. NOT on sale): Maybe something like this? With jeans it would be SO cute.
Leslie, making a face: Uggggh. Sigh. Maybe one of those shirts when we first came in. On sale.
And then of course, the one she sort of concedes to liking is not available in her size. And the leggings are way too big around, so we go for the second favorite shirt, no pants.
Maybe tonight I'll pick her up some new hair accessories. Brushing there's a whole 'nother battle. At least I gave her a trim to start the year off and she is starting to request a bottle of conditioner in her shower.
What is teenagerhood going to be like?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eureka! She floats!

We had a fun week last week with my parents and brother Jake's family in Montana. The weather was unusually cooperative and we had not one, but two perfect days on Eureka lake, and a day 4 wheeling in the mountains to boot. The boys played together really well and it was a nice break for all of us. As usual, I didn't manage to take my own photos, this time because the camera got packed but its battery was still at home charging. The good news is that my very with-it Sis-in-law Rachel took some shots for me. The bad news is that I am actually in several of them for a change.
As you can see, I am not very athletic but I can water ski (one thing I think I have over on my husband, who is pretty much gifted at every sport.) I knew I was going to be sore the next day, but I had to show myself that I could still do it after four kids. And then I wasn't even that sore after all. And Rachel probably thinks I'm such a wussy girl because I ski like one of those pontoon airplanes ( and she can do stunts on her wakeboard all day long) but hey, I got up. Jake was driving the boat and loudly sang about the old gray mare (that I mentioned a couple of posts ago) the entire time I was trying to get my skis on. I think he knew if I laughed too hard I wouldn't be able to do it. Oh wait, that was after I skied around the lake and then tried tubing and was too wiped out to climb back onto the tube after I bit it. Plus I was laughing too hard to heave-ho my lower half out of the water. Oh well, it was fun, and everyone else had a good time, hopefully not just because they were laughing at me.