Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Already

Leslie is on her third weekday of summer vacation and has already hit the wall of boredom. After doing all of her chores, none of her friends could come play so she returned, rejected, to our home, a virtual nest of wiggling, yelling, pesky boy children and a cute but noisy baby. She moped around for a bit until I suggested that she could clean her room and organize her closet. Suddenly, she was nowhere to be found and happily employed in some kind of art project that involved cutting and pasting.
We've had a busy couple of weekends. First we took a camping trip to Moab and visited Canyonlands and also Arches Natl. Park, where we went last October. Everything was still beautiful and we had fun with our someday-inlaws-if-our-matchmaking-works-out friends, the Knudsens. We enjoyed hearing Boston and Bree play together. One conversation we overheard went something like this.
Bree: If we have a boy, we could name him______. If we have a girl, we could name her _______.
Boston: Let's play Star Wars. There's girls, could be Leia. Or Padme!
They really do play well together.
Unfortunately, the wind blew gustily the ENTIRE time. After the kids were asleep in their wildly flapping tent, the grownups played a wild game of Shanghai the Tahoe. We hiked some the next day but the kids were, shall we say, less than enthusiastic. And they did SO good in October. This time, they were tired and whiny and Mark ended up carrying Cooper most of the hike. The one time Cooper wanted to venture out on his own, up a sand-filled crevice, he and Boston found a bull snake that some other tourists were looking at and both started screaming their heads off. (They must be related to my mom.) Cooper wouldn't stop crying and insisted that we drive home, away from the snake. He wouldn't even get out of the car for our picnic and ate his PB& J safely in his car seat. Lucky for him, too, because the rest of us got completely sandblasted when a big gust of wind carried a dirtdevil right over us. That was one gritty sandwich. So we cut our trip short because we had planned to spend the afternoon at Sand Dune Arch. That might have been interesting. Good thing we don't wear contacts!

Then this weekend we went to Mark's annual Mem. Day family reunion in Fillmore, Utah, the "ancestral home". Mark and I put together some mini-biographies about some of his ancestors for all the cousins. That was eye-opening for me. One of his great grannies was a Relief Society President (and a single mother, no less) for 32 years. The kids had a blast playing with their cousins and I enjoyed soaking up the sun with the grownups. This time we had a hotel room within walking distance and so Macy and I could sneak back there for naps. It was great. I also got to take a little field trip to a neighboring town called Holden where some of my pioneer ancestors are buried, and hunted down their gravestones. I've never done that before--it was really fun to have the Leslie and I searching the whole cemetery for one name. I will have to share a little more about them in my next Storyapples blog entry.
Oh, also something funny from Cooper. He got a Disney's Chip and Dale DVD for his birthday and was telling me about the different episodes one day. There was the bulldozer one, the chicken one, and the "Beautiful" one. I asked, "You mean the one with the beautiful girl chipmunk?" He nodded. I got a little greedy for some compliments from this adorable boy. "Am I beautiful, too?" He shook his head, no. "Oh. Well, am I pretty, then?" No again. Exasperating. "Well, what am I?" (thinking of course that his answer would be a big smile and the answer that I'm his mommy.) Cooper however, had to think about that one for a minute. "You're......BLUISH GREEN!"
What a lady's man. The video is of Cooper trying to eat dinner on one of his napless days.

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