Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Goodbye Luke, Hello Billy.

Mark and I have been enjoying a recent turn in Boston's imaginary fascinations. He has a friend who loves Star Wars and for the longest time, that's all he would play with his friends or pretend about. A few weeks ago he discovered the Rescue Heroes show. He already had some Rescue Heroes toys, so he and Cooper have finally been pulling those out to play with. His favorite is Billy Blazes, the moustached fireman. I told him that I have a cousin who is a real fireman and his eyes got big. "Does he say, 'Think like a Rescue Hero. Think SAFE!"?

I was getting a little tired of everything in my house turning into a light sabre, and I thought my stuff was finally safe. Little did I know that my son is also some kind of engineer. One day I got out of the shower and found Boston wearing this. He made it all by himself, out of one of Leslie's rubber headbands. Yes, the knot on the string (it pops out) is actually stuck in his ear. A little tape to the back of the head and, voila, he had made himself an earpiece to speak to his emergency team with. I laughed my head off and had to acknowledge that he is in fact, my flesh and blood. If I had been born male, this is EXACTLY the kind of thing I could see myself doing as a kid.
Macy has also been super cute lately, trying to run--or at least speedwalk. This week I heard her saying something that caught me by surprise and tickled me pink. She was walking around the kitchen and talking to herself in her girly soprano voice, over and over, "Jackie, Jackie Jackie Jackie...". (Alright, sometimes it came out "Dackie".) I felt like I was a little kid again, and this baby just wanted to play with me and be my best friend.
I've been thinking alot lately about Elder Bednar's talk in this month's Ensign, about living a real life, not a virtual one, and trying to savor these moments of summer with my kids, soaking it up with all my senses. So, go read it and then let your feet get wet once in a while. Next time (when I find my camera) we'll have pictures of fun at the splash park.

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