Days 2017

Days 2017

Saturday, April 10, 2010

St. George and the Law of Perpendiculars

We spent a lovely spring break in St. George thanks to Mark's business partner changing his travel plans last minute. Free hotel stays can only be a good thing, and there were two rooms including a kitchenette, and a pool! Cooking in that little kitchen was kind of funny. It totally felt like camping. The one time I made a complete meal I had to make the spaghetti sauce in the one pot on the tiny burner because the big one was broken. Then I had to pour it into a glass bowl, cover it with an inverted pie plate because there was no lid to keep it warm, wash the pot and try to boil water in it. It never did boil but the noodles cooked just fine on the lower temperature. Then Boston was excited because there weren't any forks and he thought he was going to get to use this giant serving fork for his spaghetti. Mark got some plastic ones from the lobby, but Boston was so disappointed we let him try with his giant fork for awhile. It was great.

We spent a day at Zion's National Park. The weather was beautiful and so were the views. Our kids have decided that they love hiking. I wasn't sure how well Mark would like hiking since we brought our double stroller for the paved trails. As you can see, at times it served as a triple stroller, but he did just fine shoving it along. He even pushed it up to the Weeping Wall. I was majorly impressed and wished I had a picture of that hike. The kids loved standing behind the waterfall and getting sprayed. Macy was excited to be outside and kept pointing at everything.

We took another day touring around St. George on it's Historic Walking Tour, including Brigham Young's summer home. All the homes are so well kept around there, even the teeny old ones. It made me want to come home and do some yardwork. (and see how long that I am inside, typing on the computer instead.) Our tour ended with a stop at an old fashioned candy shop.

We were going to stay another night-possibly-but Macy was exercising the
Toddler's Law of Perpendiculars on me. You know what I'm talking about. If you lie down, they must stand up. Wailing is usually involved as well. If you stand up, they will lie down--in your arms. If you are both lying down in the same hotel bed, (trying desperately to stop the high pitched shrieking that all the other guests are probably now awake for and wondering exactly what animal from the zoo you are torturing to spoil their vacation) the toddler must be perpendicular to you as possible, preferably with feet shoving you to the very edge of the bed. Or with their head under your chin and their feet kicking your mate's snoring back. So anyway, after two hours of this from 1 AM to 3AM, I decided we had had enough vacation, and we drove back the next day. I think our hotel neighbors may have been cheering as we pulled out of the parking lot, along with the maid who had been sweeping up our cheerios and changing dozens of towels for us.

Here are some other pictures from Easter/Conference weekend. Brooke and Jared and my cousins Katy and Nikki came to Easter dinner with us and watched the last session. Or at least one of them was watching the entire time...they took turns napping. Jared and Boston had a caveman contest eating the turkey legs. I think that was all Boston ate, but he did eat the whole thing. Also, the video is Macy playing peekaboo with my curtains.

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hmmm I'm going to have to take an embarrassing picture of you sometime and put it on my blog! :)