Days 2017

Days 2017

Monday, April 26, 2010

More than Slightly Spoiled

My folks came down this weekend for Brooke-n-Jared's graduation from BYU. It is so fun for me to see my kids getting to play with their grandparents. (And for ME to get to play with their grandparents.) Dad spoiled us all rotten and took us out for a graduation dinner at Ruby River's. I only brought the baby. The older kids would have been bored, wiggly, and wouldn't have eaten that expensive food anyway. Maybe the bacon off of my potato...but that's about it. They got their turn when Dad sprung for a pizza party for the kids while they were babysitting them so Mark and I could go on an actual date for our 11th anniversary. We also got to take a trip to the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple and spend an afternoon of redneck fun at Cabella's. I love the picture of Mom helping Cooper shoot his gun. (She's an crack shot when it comes to skunks. No foolin.) That's really a great place to take kids. And Grandpas from Montana.
I think my favorite part, thought, was hearing my Dad tell the boys bedtime stories and tucking them in. I was quietly picking up toys in the corner so that I could spy on the whole thing. Maybe in honor of BYU graduation, Dad was telling Cougar stories. Of course, we call them mountain lions when they aren't busy being mascots. After listening for a moment, I was chuckling to myself, recognizing the same general story he always told us growing up. Not much plot, but a whole lot of "what was that???!!!" Boston's eyes were as big as his face as he listened to Dad make footstep sounds with his palm on the wall. Cooper even had to take a few steps back and stand in the middle of the room, listening. But they loved it, and that Grizzly bear/mountain lion/moose/Bigfoot never actually gets anyone in the end, so nobody had any bad dreams.

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Romney Family said...

How fun to have visitors and I can just picture your dad telling stories to the boys. SO fun to see pictures of your parents!!!