Days 2017

Days 2017

Saturday, March 27, 2010


My brother Duke, sister Brooke and her husband Jared raced in the "Strides for Autism" 5K this chilly morning. Duke says, "add: with a light breeze out of the north" (ha Duke, I really put that in...). Mark and I were the cheering section with our tiny crew. The kids had a blast since there was a playground near the finish line, and Macy danced to the pumped up music while I held her wrapped up a quilt. Duke finished up 15th overall at 25:04, Brooke and Jared stayed together and finished at about 30 minutes. They are wearing a picture of our nephew Cash on their shirts. They live in Oregon. HI Cash!!! We love you guys!!! We had fun thinking of you today.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

John 3:16

As many of you know, I am the Primary Children's chorister in my church. On Sunday we are going to sing for Easter the song "He Sent His Son" by Mabel Jones Gabott. Here is one of the most beautiful renditions I have ever heard. Take a minute to listen to remind you why we celebrate this time of year. I'm always touched.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Yearling

We had pleasant weather for a few hours in a row the other day so I took Macy and Cooper outside to play. It was Macy's first time in the swing that I can remember, and she loved it. Cooper loved pushing her but was a little bit mad when we came in and he hadn't had a turn in the swing, too. He's so big that his shoes pop off when I try to pull him out.
Macy had a lovely birthday. Dad called to check on the "yearling". Then, we spent most of the afternoon re-doing her bedroom and the boys' bedroom, junking Cooper's ancient crib and exchanging it for the twin bed that had been in Macy's room for me to nurse her on. She got the rocking chair in its place. The kids loved climbing and jumping on the bare mattresses, etc. Then, she lucked out with one of our friends bringing over a big bag of really nice hand-me-downs for her without even knowing the occasion, and another friend brought us a warm loaf of banana bread that we had with our dinner. I was trying to decide what to make because Macy is kind of picky. So we had spaghetti with a handful of macaroni thrown in because she has been known to eat macaroni noodles, and corn, which she loved. And the banana bread, which she loved. And some yogurt because she would like to have that at every meal.
We weren't really planning on doing much to celebrate since we had already had a little get-together with the grandparents, but at the last minute we decided to go ahead with our "birthday adventure" tradition. I was stumped for a while about what kind of adventure a one-year-0ld would like, especially with such cold weather. (When Cooper was one, his adventure was a bubble bath...I know. Lame!) But I came up with something, and after dinner we piled into the Tahoe and went to PetSmart to look at the fish and stuff. It was great! And free! Macy was particularly fascinated and excited by the birds. So my bird-phobic experiences while I was pregnant with her must not have damaged her psyche. (Remember this? Two birds somehow getting trapped in my house within a few weeks of each other? Uggh.)
Then, home again for presents and cake. I've discovered the best present for a yearling, when you happen to be a fourth child, is a new pack of AA batteries!! She did have a couple of "new item" gifts, but mostly she got a few awesome, noisy, blinking toys that her brothers loved when they were her age that I had stowed in the closet once they died off. I don't know who has been the most excited about can judge for yourself from the pictures.
Mark and I were cracking up at the kids all wanting to be her special (as in only) helper to teach her how to use the new stuff. We almost had to hide the toys to prevent WWIII before Macy even got to touch them.
Then there was our traditional chocolate Sunbeam Cake. Luckily, I remembered that Macy adores those teensy baby M&Ms, and had them sprinkled on top. When she saw that cake in front of her on the counter she almost scrambled out of her high chair trying to get at it before we could catch her. Pretty funny. Boston had to blow out her candle for her (to his credit, he did wait until I said he could...) . Macy had a couple of bites but mostly went digging through the frosting to find all the candies and then played peek-a-boo with her messy hands. It really was a perfect birthday. Wish you all could have been here! We still have cake...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

For fun

A few nights ago Mark asked Boston why he thought God gave us families. Boston shrugged and said, "For fun." We had to smile and agree.
Not much is going on around here; we're all just trying not to grow up too fast until Grandma can come visit us next month. Macy isn't doing a very good job at this. She has been climbing into, up, and around everything. I finally let her go all the way up the stairs yesterday. Now we just need to teach her to go down! That wasn't too scary because we have two landings in our staircase. What scared me was when she found the boys' stair step to the bathroom sink and not only climbed up it but was standing on tiptoe on the top of it, trying to look at herself in the mirror. Understandable, I know.
Macy also has been enjoying playing a lot more with Cooper lately. He is so sweet with her and just treats her like she's as able as he is to chase cars around the kitchen floor.