Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Ahh. It's great to have girls. Sometimes they are just too sweet to not snap a few pictures.
Leslie had a fun birthday, too. It's the year for a "family adventure" instead of a party, so we went to an aquatic center in South Jordan with Brooke and Jared to help keep any of our tinies from drowning. I hate to admit this, but last summer we didn't go to the community pool at all because I think public pools are so gross with all the babies in there for hours,etc, and everyone always gets that one bug, so this was actually the first time Cooper has been swimming since he can remember. I could tell. He pretty much hated it the whole time and thought he was going to die if he didn't have both arms wrapped around somebody's neck. With a life jacket on. But Leslie, Boston, and even Macy loved it. Unfortunately, as usual, I forgot to bring my camera. I guess I should buck up and go a little more often. After all, I have no qualms about swimming on "Cow Pie Beach" at Willow Creek back home.

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The Haynes Herd said...

what cute girls. Glad Lesley had a fun day and I LOVED your last story apples post. What a cool story. I was so blown away by here driving on a shear cliff with a baby in her lap I had to find Jake and tell him about it.