Days 2017

Days 2017

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Strange Bedfellows

Ah, yes, I promised a little post about my movie quiz winner. My sister Brooke is nine years younger than me, and was only 9 when I moved out, so I really am enjoying getting to know her now as an adult. As far as stories on her, I don't have much for ammunition. Here is a little something about her and my other sister Darcy, who is five years younger than I am. Our bedrooms were on the opposite side of the house from our parents. Even when Brooke was a baby, and wouldn't stop crying in the night, sometimes I would have to go and wake up my Mom to get her. The trend never stopped. If she was afraid or had a bad dream, she'd hop out of her bed and into my double bed with me, bringing her sharp little icicle toenails with her. Darcy was guilty of this crime a few times, but I usually kicked her out before too long because she was older, wigglier, and could crowd me right out of the bed. This photo cracks me up. I was an extremely busy senior. I NEEDED MY SLEEP! And here is when Mom discovered us before the sun was even up, all in my bed, and with the dog I detested to add insult to injury. Look how tickled pink those naughty sisters look. I, of course, was extremely annoyed, but I guess it was good practice for occasionally waking up to four wiggly children crawling into my bed.


The Haynes Herd said...

That is an awesome picture! I would somtimes wake up with three little brothers sleeping on the floor by my bed. Jake will agree that I was such a wild sleeper when we got married my brothers were wise to stay on the floor instead of trying to share covers. I was the only other bedroom upstairs next to the one the three of them shared. It was cute (but probably because they would stay on the floor and I didn't have to feel their cold toes )

Darcy said...

Scary picture where did you dig that up? I remember being kicked out of your room alot after having bad dreams, and then heading upstairs to sleep on the floor. I figured anything and everything would be scared of Jake:)