Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cakes, Math, and Darf Bader

I finally downloaded a full CD from ITunes from a Christmas gift card and am enjoying some fun songs from my teenage years. I haven't heard Peaches by American Presidents since high school and Mark claims he's never heard it at all because he was on his mission at the time it was popular for like, a week. Or what about, "I'm the one who wants to be with you....deep inside I hope you feel it, too." Whoa. Stake Dance flashbacks.
Anyway, I wanted to write a little bit about how much my kids are growing up. Monday was Family Home Evening and Leslie baked her very first cake for the treats. (She has only recently acquired the skill of cracking eggs, which opens up a whole new world of cooking.) I had been giving her directions and then needed to go upstairs to feed the baby while she finished up. After a few minutes I heard the most WONDERFUL sound that really shook me up in a good way and made me want to be twelve years old, curled up next to the fire with some chocolate and a good book, and no work to do. It was the sound of the electric mixer being run by the other "woman" in the house. I hadn't been paying attention and for a split second I thought it was my Mom. Someone ELSE was making treats! I've waited over ten years for this moment! That was the best darn chocolate Sunbeam cake I've ever eaten. Leslie even popped it out of the Bundt pan herself!
Leslie is fun to be in the kitchen with because she is always entertaining. She told me that they were supposed to make up number sentences in math, and she was given the number 4,261 to write about. This is the problem she made. (Her teacher loved it and read it for the whole class.) "My mom had 4,261 hairs on her head. Then she had 4 kids and pulled out 200 of them. How many does she have left?"
So, on to Family Home Evening. Leslie actually had the lesson, too, and made up this adorable chart about not losing our tempers. She had drawn a Temper-ometer and gave us situational questions to answer, making the temperature rise if we lost our tempers and reacted badly. It was hilarious to see the things she has noticed about what things annoy her parents the most. Equally hilarious were Boston's docile answers that you know he would never say in real life, like, "Okay, Leslie, you can sit in my chair. Maybe I can sit there tomorrow?"
Boston's maturity also makes a good showing at FHE. He loves Family Home Evening and the best ones for him are when he gets to "Conduct" because that is the best job. He always celebrates when it's his turn and has this huge smile because he gets to be in charge. That's my Boss-man; he loves to rule the world. The cool thing is, he is actually very talented at this job. Mark and I crack up at how good he is--he reminds me of Grandpa Happy Jack being the Sunday School president because he has these comments to make about everything. At the end, he goes, in all sincerity, "You did a really nice lesson, Leslie." And patted her on the shoulder from his throne, the stool that sits next to the piano.
For our fun activity we decided to let our kids watch part of Star Wars because Boston has been crazy about it lately, playing it with one of his friends. They were pretty into it and Boston got all excited when "Darf Bader" entered. "Mom, Dad! There's Oper!" Huh? "Who's Oper?"
"He is. See? He goes, OOoooo-phhhhher Ooooooo-Phhhher"
If you haven't figured it out, exhale on Ooo, inhale on Phhhher.
We about died laughing, and Boston was too wise to give us any more material.

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Darcy said...

Thanks for the laugh I would love to have Boston come over and entertain us. Tell Leslie she is going to be an awesome cook if she keeps it up.