Days 2017

Days 2017

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bucket List # 52: Feel an Earthquake

Last night I sat up in bed to a WHAM WHAM WHAM. I'm pretty sure I was sitting up during the last WHAM, but you know how disoriented you are when you get woken up from a deep sleep. It felt like riding a motor boat head-on into big waves and you feel the shock of impact hit you. Actually, that's probably a pretty good description because earthquake shocks come like waves.
I nudged Mark, my heart still pounding ..."Did you feel that? We just had an earthquake." He looked at me, all crazy in the dark, snorted and rolled back over. "No we didn't. You were dreaming."
"You mean you didn't hear that???"
The baby started crying. "See? She heard it too!"
"She heard you talking and woke up."
I went to get the baby and when I got back, Mark was back to sleep. The other kids were still sleeping, and I didn't hear any dogs barking or car alarms going off like in the movies, so I tried to convince myself that I must have heard a big book (I have a couple of those around, you know) fall off my nightstand or one of the kids kick the wall in their sleep which would have made me have a crazy dream like that. But still, it seemed so real!
Ha ha. This morning when I called Mark at work, he had to eat humble pie because the earthquake was in the headlines. It was a 2.9 and only lasted a few seconds (I'm guessing four seconds) but the epicenter was basically right under my neighborhood! Our next door neighbor said he came out of his house because he thought a truck had slammed into it. That crossed my mind, too, but not too seriously because I heard more than one impact, and I had the feeling that our bed had been dropped from the ceiling and hit the floor.
Anyway, Mark thinks I'm funny that I'm so excited about such a small earthquake. I'm glad that it wasn't serious. We didn't even have a single picture fall off the wall (although, after being quizzed, Leslie says her scriptures and library books fell off her dresser in the night and she had to put them back.) It was pretty dang awesome. If only my Rip Van Winkle husband hadn't convinced me I was delirious I could have enjoyed it slightly more.


heart 2 home said...

We felt it too!!! Greg and I couldn't go back to sleep for a long time. We kept waiting for aftershocks!

Anna M. said...

I slept right through it...but Rick felt it. He said it seemed like everything was in liquid jello. :)