Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cakes, Math, and Darf Bader

I finally downloaded a full CD from ITunes from a Christmas gift card and am enjoying some fun songs from my teenage years. I haven't heard Peaches by American Presidents since high school and Mark claims he's never heard it at all because he was on his mission at the time it was popular for like, a week. Or what about, "I'm the one who wants to be with you....deep inside I hope you feel it, too." Whoa. Stake Dance flashbacks.
Anyway, I wanted to write a little bit about how much my kids are growing up. Monday was Family Home Evening and Leslie baked her very first cake for the treats. (She has only recently acquired the skill of cracking eggs, which opens up a whole new world of cooking.) I had been giving her directions and then needed to go upstairs to feed the baby while she finished up. After a few minutes I heard the most WONDERFUL sound that really shook me up in a good way and made me want to be twelve years old, curled up next to the fire with some chocolate and a good book, and no work to do. It was the sound of the electric mixer being run by the other "woman" in the house. I hadn't been paying attention and for a split second I thought it was my Mom. Someone ELSE was making treats! I've waited over ten years for this moment! That was the best darn chocolate Sunbeam cake I've ever eaten. Leslie even popped it out of the Bundt pan herself!
Leslie is fun to be in the kitchen with because she is always entertaining. She told me that they were supposed to make up number sentences in math, and she was given the number 4,261 to write about. This is the problem she made. (Her teacher loved it and read it for the whole class.) "My mom had 4,261 hairs on her head. Then she had 4 kids and pulled out 200 of them. How many does she have left?"
So, on to Family Home Evening. Leslie actually had the lesson, too, and made up this adorable chart about not losing our tempers. She had drawn a Temper-ometer and gave us situational questions to answer, making the temperature rise if we lost our tempers and reacted badly. It was hilarious to see the things she has noticed about what things annoy her parents the most. Equally hilarious were Boston's docile answers that you know he would never say in real life, like, "Okay, Leslie, you can sit in my chair. Maybe I can sit there tomorrow?"
Boston's maturity also makes a good showing at FHE. He loves Family Home Evening and the best ones for him are when he gets to "Conduct" because that is the best job. He always celebrates when it's his turn and has this huge smile because he gets to be in charge. That's my Boss-man; he loves to rule the world. The cool thing is, he is actually very talented at this job. Mark and I crack up at how good he is--he reminds me of Grandpa Happy Jack being the Sunday School president because he has these comments to make about everything. At the end, he goes, in all sincerity, "You did a really nice lesson, Leslie." And patted her on the shoulder from his throne, the stool that sits next to the piano.
For our fun activity we decided to let our kids watch part of Star Wars because Boston has been crazy about it lately, playing it with one of his friends. They were pretty into it and Boston got all excited when "Darf Bader" entered. "Mom, Dad! There's Oper!" Huh? "Who's Oper?"
"He is. See? He goes, OOoooo-phhhhher Ooooooo-Phhhher"
If you haven't figured it out, exhale on Ooo, inhale on Phhhher.
We about died laughing, and Boston was too wise to give us any more material.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Strange Bedfellows

Ah, yes, I promised a little post about my movie quiz winner. My sister Brooke is nine years younger than me, and was only 9 when I moved out, so I really am enjoying getting to know her now as an adult. As far as stories on her, I don't have much for ammunition. Here is a little something about her and my other sister Darcy, who is five years younger than I am. Our bedrooms were on the opposite side of the house from our parents. Even when Brooke was a baby, and wouldn't stop crying in the night, sometimes I would have to go and wake up my Mom to get her. The trend never stopped. If she was afraid or had a bad dream, she'd hop out of her bed and into my double bed with me, bringing her sharp little icicle toenails with her. Darcy was guilty of this crime a few times, but I usually kicked her out before too long because she was older, wigglier, and could crowd me right out of the bed. This photo cracks me up. I was an extremely busy senior. I NEEDED MY SLEEP! And here is when Mom discovered us before the sun was even up, all in my bed, and with the dog I detested to add insult to injury. Look how tickled pink those naughty sisters look. I, of course, was extremely annoyed, but I guess it was good practice for occasionally waking up to four wiggly children crawling into my bed.

Pop Culture Puzzlement

So, Brooke was the winner of my movie quiz, with Darcy a close second because (she says) she wasn't by her computer. The answer was Father Goose, with Cary Grant and Leslie Caron. Unfortunately, when we went to watch it, we found out the security clip had been left on, and the library was closed. So, we decided to watch something a little more daring. I introduced Leslie, almost 9, to the wonderful world of "Doctah Jones." Hey, Raiders of the Lost Ark is rated PG, and I muted most of the swearing. I discovered that I am doing a good job as a parent because she was pretty shocked every time somebody got shot or showed a little blood. I told her it was fake blood, like at Halloween, and she said she knew that but, "This whole movie is pretty much DISGUSTING." (That was after the blood-spattered propeller scene.) She liked it, though, and it was a good thing we were watching it by ourselves in the basement and not at a theater because her pie hole did not stop moving for the entire two hours. "Who's that? What are they doing? Hey, I just noticed that..." Man, that kid can jabber!
I think we'll hold off on Temple of Doom for a few years. I remember the first time I saw that--I was probably about 11--and I was so freaked out I couldn't get to sleep. And I was the oldest!
My boys are getting a little garbled pop culture through their friends since their parents are so lame and only let them watch stuff like Mickey Mouse and Backyardigans. Boston has a friend with older brothers. They have a Star Wars video game at their house, and Boss and his friend like to pretend to be the characters. Only Boston doesn't really have much of a clue what it's all about. I was cracking up yesterday when Boston was trying to teach Cooper how to play Star Wars. Here were the characters I heard him discussing. "Leia, Chewie, Darf Baiter, Blue Skywalker, GREEN Skywalker (is this because maybe his friend has blue and green light sabers?)Life Savers, and my personal favorite, Arta-tootie.
Then today, Cooper wasn't much better. My kids love Bugs Bunny. We have the Gold Collection on DVD and that's what they get to listen to in the car on trips because Mark and I like listening, too, and laughing at the humor that is way over the kids' head, like Gringo Daffy Duck saying things like, "Stick 'em up, Homber!". Much less annoying than, say, Dora the Explorer. Anyway, today Cooper was playing with his Bugs Bunny deck of cards and making matches. He yells, "Look Mom! I got Mormon the Martian!"

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Greatest Assets

One of my favorite quotes that has guided some of my decisions about my own family is "The greatest assets you can give your children are BROTHERS and SISTERS." We've been lucky enough to have two girls and two boys, so everyone has at least one brother and sister. The older I get, the more I'm finding that my own brothers and sisters are gaining in value somehow. For example, Darcy called me the other day and we commiserated about potty training, which led me to want to be a little less lazy about it with Cooper. Today was his first day in the thick cotton undies. Woohoo! It lasted for a little while, but that's progress. (But this post is not about that.) Another example is that Brooke came over yesterday and VOLUNTARILY took my two hooligans, coats, snowpants and all, to the Farm Country petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point. I stayed home with Macy and baked carmel brownies in peace. It was lovely. Brooke later reported that the boys were good except Cooper didn't want to ride the pony and Boston was scared to feed the ducks, but they evened each other out, I guess. I'm just glad she didn't lose them in the parking lot. She said they were the only ones there.
I've been thinking back on some of the fun things we did together as a family, that maybe make us unique from other families. Here is one: we watched the same movies over and over and over, no matter who picked it, because we only had one TV, and January is just too cold to play outside. So, for old time's sake, I borrowed one of my family's faves from the library and am "taking" Leslie on a mommy/daughter date to our movie room to watch it with me tonight.
I thought it would be fun to throw in a movie quiz once in awhile for anyone to try to "guess that line". Mark is AWFUL at this. I think they are so fun, so, I'm hoping one of my sibs can get it right. Here is one from tonight's flick. The first one to get it right gets a feature post about them. Oooh.
Drumroll please..............."Goody two-shoes and the Filthy Beast?"
What Movie is it???

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bucket List # 52: Feel an Earthquake

Last night I sat up in bed to a WHAM WHAM WHAM. I'm pretty sure I was sitting up during the last WHAM, but you know how disoriented you are when you get woken up from a deep sleep. It felt like riding a motor boat head-on into big waves and you feel the shock of impact hit you. Actually, that's probably a pretty good description because earthquake shocks come like waves.
I nudged Mark, my heart still pounding ..."Did you feel that? We just had an earthquake." He looked at me, all crazy in the dark, snorted and rolled back over. "No we didn't. You were dreaming."
"You mean you didn't hear that???"
The baby started crying. "See? She heard it too!"
"She heard you talking and woke up."
I went to get the baby and when I got back, Mark was back to sleep. The other kids were still sleeping, and I didn't hear any dogs barking or car alarms going off like in the movies, so I tried to convince myself that I must have heard a big book (I have a couple of those around, you know) fall off my nightstand or one of the kids kick the wall in their sleep which would have made me have a crazy dream like that. But still, it seemed so real!
Ha ha. This morning when I called Mark at work, he had to eat humble pie because the earthquake was in the headlines. It was a 2.9 and only lasted a few seconds (I'm guessing four seconds) but the epicenter was basically right under my neighborhood! Our next door neighbor said he came out of his house because he thought a truck had slammed into it. That crossed my mind, too, but not too seriously because I heard more than one impact, and I had the feeling that our bed had been dropped from the ceiling and hit the floor.
Anyway, Mark thinks I'm funny that I'm so excited about such a small earthquake. I'm glad that it wasn't serious. We didn't even have a single picture fall off the wall (although, after being quizzed, Leslie says her scriptures and library books fell off her dresser in the night and she had to put them back.) It was pretty dang awesome. If only my Rip Van Winkle husband hadn't convinced me I was delirious I could have enjoyed it slightly more.