Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, July 19, 2009

"na na na na naa na...she's got the look!

Here's a little surprise for all of you. I've been warning Mark for months that I was going to get a haircut as soon as I started the post-partem shedfest. It's been one hundred degrees. The baby is always always pulling my hair and my sinks are both clogged. It was time. It's actually shorter than it looks in the picture because I've got my head cocked back. I think this is the shortest it has been since I was, what, four? So far so good. It definitely feels weird and I'm having a hard time breaking the habit of reaching back to pull my hair through the neck hole when I put on a shirt. So, Leslie and I are twins now but hers is a little lighter still. (And, when I mentioned that to her, she said, "and you're bigger." Thanks.)
I got no reaction at all from Mark when he got home from work, but that is typical. He hates giving a reaction when one is expected of him. I found this out early in our relationship when I came down the stairs all decked out for BYU's homecoming. Unfortunately, all my roommates were still at our apartment along with a few other people, and some of their families also waiting for other dates to arrive, all waiting breathlessly for Mark to make some sort of comment about how I looked. I got nothin. Oh, maybe a "by the way" later in the evening. Anyway, that's okay because when I got home from my haircut Cooper came up to me shyly and grabbed my pantleg. He whispers, "Mommy. You look...nice!"
Here's a little note of warning to any of you brave ladies thinking of following suit. I made some sort of comment to my friend who cut my hair that I was too lazy to figure out how to donate it to the wigs for cancer patient place. Snip snip. She says, oh, you should have done like my friend --she's paying her college tuition with hers. Fifteen hundred smackers on ebay. I about choked and looked with dismay at the mess on the floor. My friend says (to console me) that her friend's hair was much longer than mine, that she could sit on it, etc. I only cut about 10 inches. (But I'm still too chicken to actually go on ebay and see what I could have got for it--it has never been colored or anything.) Maybe next time. It does seem to grow pretty fast!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July song

I've been trying really hard lately to get off my hamster wheel. Mark asked me last week, "Where's the race?". I just feel like sometimes I have to work and work and work because if I stop to take a break I will get more behind. I told him that I don't even feel like my expectations are very high--I mean, isn't it not that big of a deal to want the breakfast cereal spills wiped off the counter before bedtime? I guess I just need to remind myself that it is summer and things should slow down a little. For example, yesterday when (miracle!) Macy and Cooper took their naps at the same time and Leslie and Boston were at friends', instead of emptying the dishwasher I took my novel and a tall glass of icewater out to the deck. It was lovely to just, well, sit still and feel the breeze in my hair. This is why I haven't posted for so long, I guess. Plus I think I've been feeling so busy trying to get the yard, garden and house ready for our big 4th of July BBQ. It's our third year and alot of fun. It's alot of work to get everything weeded and looking good, but a party makes a great motivator (for the other adult in my household) and then things stay pretty nice the rest of the summer. I've also been playing catchup with my housework now that my body is feeling a little more rested. Macy's been sleeping through the night regularly for about a month now and it is so nice to not feel like I need a nap. I can even wake up early (ish) to read my scriptures. The last few days I think I've managed to feel truly caught up and able to do some fun things.
Tomorrow we get to take the kids to the Oquirrh Mountain temple openhouse. I'm way excited because we missed the Draper openhouse with Macy being a newborn and all. I think even the boys will love it. They've actually been pretty good all summer.
Monday was our first big honesty lesson for FHE in Boston's young life, and he has been doing so good about telling the truth. Guess what his first big confession was? He told me that he used the bathroom. Not in the bathroom. I asked him to show me where. He did. Outside on the bottom step. But not quite hitting the grass. I think he picked that up from a friend, so I had to establish a new rule at our house. No whizzing on the lawn. He got a big hug for telling the truth. Somehow I thought this first experience with honesty would be a little more, I don't know, Chicken Soup for the Soul worthy. That's parenting for ya.
Here is our July scripture song. I love the part about free forever. It's a little long for my family, so although I put the whole thing to melody, we are only learning the first section, as shown here.
To the tune of "Joy to the World". (I loved the Christmas in July thing...) It's 2 Nephi 2:26

And the Messiah cometh in
the fu-ulness of time,
that he-e may rede-e-eem
the children of men from the fall
andbecause that they are redeemed
from the fa-all the-e-ey have
be-ecome FREE forever know-
ing good from evil.