Days 2017

Days 2017

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stretchy Pants

Things are going well with us, being a family of 6. I am at the "infatuated with my baby" stage that lasts, oh, until they start telling me no. Macy is just SO beautiful. Really. I can't stop looking at her and wondering how such a pretty person landed at our door. AND she only wakes up twice in the night to eat, for only about half an hour, so most days I don't even need a nap.
We had a fun weekend. Since Leslie had spring break all week we decided to force Mark to take half a day off on Friday. We took the kids to Chuck-a-rama (have to start patronizing those type of establishments now that we are such a huge crew. Mark just laughed when I suggested it. I usually turn my nose up at non-menu restaurants, but it's expensive to feed these little locusts! And you know they are just going to waste most of it anyway.) Honey butter is a happy thing. Boston remarked, "This is a yummy day!" Then we went on a tour of the Conference Center, which was pretty cool since we had just watched Conference. Even Boston caught the spirit of the place and voluntarily whispered once inside the main hall. We also viewed the Christus statue and rode the "alligator" to the top of the Church Office Building. Twenty-six floors up.
Saturday was Mark's big race, the triathlon sprint. He ran, then biked, then swam with two of his friends. It was pretty exciting to see him come in on that bike (Okay, I admit it. He looked hot. Must've been the Nacho Libre "stretchy pants"...) I was so proud of him! Neither of us have ever been into that type of thing, so it was a pretty big deal for him. He's more of a softball/basketball/football kind of guy. Here are some photos from after the race. The dumb part about the swim being last is that there isn't really a finish line for a photo, but I got one of him expressing his feelings at the end there. He said he'd do it again and is pretty sure he could shave a good chunk off his time now that he knows how he could have paced himself.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Swallowing the swears...

I've had a clean mouth record for as long as I can remember, which is pretty amazing coming from a ranching family. (I guess swearing doesn't count if you are quoting someone else, right? That's Mark and my tongue-in-cheek rule.) Oh, there was the one time when I called Jake a bad word, but I didn't KNOW it was a bad word. I told Mom and Dad when called in to explain myself that I thought it was something I heard Yosemite Sam say. Uh, guess not. And Mom says that when I was a kindergartner I told the teacher my dog's name was "Damnfred", (she found this particularly amusing since her husband was also named Fred) but I don't remember that.
There are two things that if I ever take up the family practice, I will swear at first.
1. Mark's phone. When he is on it. And all the kids are screaming.
2. ______ binky! Where the ____ is the _____ thing?!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

April Scripture Song

You'd be surprised of the things you can think up when you spend so many hours sitting, feeding a baby. We are all doing well. Macy is sleeping, the boys are outside in the (finally) nice spring weather, I am waiting for some lasagna noodles to boil, Mark is at work, and Leslie is at school. She has the big 2nd grade talent show today. They had their in-class show/tryout thing on Wednesday and she was one of three from her class that got picked to perform again today for a group of all 8 2nd grade classes. The little ham is singing a funny song called "Mama's Soup Surprise". I hope she doesn't get too nervous and forget the words. She is excited because she thinks this time she gets to use a mike. My little American Idol. precious.

So, we are learning 2 Nephi 31:20, to the tune of my favorite hymn, "Now Let Us Rejoice", and once again, the whole thing came together with the first song I thought of.

Wherefore ye must press fo-orward
with a steadfastness
in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope,
And a lo-ove of Go-od
and o-of al me-en
Wherefore, if ye shall press
forward feasting upon...
the word o-of Chri-ist
andendure to the e-end
beho-old thus saith the Fa-a-ather,
_ _ Ye-e shall ha-ave Ete-ernal Li-ife.
That's Se-e-co-ond Nephi thirty-one verse twenty.