Days 2017

Days 2017

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Deck the Kids when They are Brawling

Just kidding...I haven't really decked anyone...yet...but I'm tellin' ya. Santa better bring two of everything because it seems like the last few months, whatever one has, the other one wants, no matter how dumb it is or how many other toys there are. We've had a healthy dose of Christmas music played already this year because every time they are having issues with sharing, (like, every two minutes) we take turns for the duration of one song on the CD, then they know to wave the white flat and switch on their own, without me having to do it.
But it would be sad if there were only one lonely little boy, so I'll be happy with two rowdy ones. They do have their fun moments of cooperative play. Mark and I peeked in on one the other night. They were in the tub and Mark went to get them out. He tiptoed back out and came to get me and the camera. They had swiped Macy's tub and were playing boat,back to back, bailing bath water into the boat.
We've had a wild week "enjoying" the curse of the ward Christmas party. Every December we get the stomach flu. This year we managed to stretch it out a full week starting with Cooper up in the night and ending with Mark a few days ago, so I'm feeling a little behind with my Christmas stuff. At least we finally got the tree up. Mark was careful to turn his head toward the camera this year in the shot of Cooper putting the angel on the tree because last year's picture was the first time he realized he was getting a duck pond back there. We do get a real tree but every year when I'm suffering from sticker shock I get a little homesick. My family always hunts down their own way up in the mountains (and it's dirt cheap...).
Then again, maybe that's one of those rose-colored glasses things. Now that I think about it, we did an awful lot of brawling ourselves squished into the Suburban with all of our snowpants and bulky gear on. And I think every year Mom or Dad or both ended up swearing during the setting up the tree portion of the evening. We kids should have sat on the couch and watched because I know, as an adult, I would love to go back and be a fly on the wall and watch the hilarity of trying to get the tree to point straight up and not lean. We always had a huge tree and they usually came to some kind of truce by involving nails on the wall and a ball of fishing line. Ours is little, (and expensive), but it looks great and I think it took us two minutes to get right. Here's to Christmas peace!
Oh, and here is the final finished quilt project of the year--a baby quilt for my new nephew Bridger Haynes.

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The Haynes Herd said...

I LOVE the quilt! I still haven't seen it in person. But thanks for putting it together and then posting it on the blog. It looks super cute. You are so sweet to make that! Good luck down there and MERRY CHRISTMAS