Days 2017

Days 2017

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Macy Face

We had quite an adventure last week getting our family picture taken. We were at the studio for an hour and got ONE family picture because Macy was terrified, plus some good ones of Macy when we were playing peekaboo with her and distracting her away from the camera. I won't post our family's here yet so that I won't ruin the suspense of getting our Christmas cards in the mail. (I love Christmas cards, but I've noticed that you've got to send some to get some a lot of the time...) Here is one of her silly, sassy faces that I just love. It'll be even cuter once she gets some teeth!
I'm starting to get excited for Christmas. Last year I don't think Mark liked a single one of his presents and I felt so bad I cried, so this year I've been saving up ideas and am pretty sure I've got a couple of winners. I went out and got them FIRST before the Christmas budget runs out. The kids would be happy with a sack of candy if it came to that, but Mark is a little harder to please. So anyway, I'm excited.
As we were driving around on our Christmas errands yesterday, I caved in to the media pushing the Christmas songs on us before Thanksgiving and sang along with the boys in the car. Boston loves this a capella version of "Oh Come, Oh Come Immanuel" and I explained that Immanuel is another name for Jesus. He said, "I like to sing Jesus' name." I pointed out that he felt good inside when he sings about Jesus because the Holy Ghost is telling him that those words are true. He thought about this for a second and then asked, "Mom, is the Holy Ghost in my tummy?"

Friday, November 6, 2009

Gawain's Word, Gawain's Word

Cooper has been finally making friends with the "D" sound. It takes him considerable effort and forethought, though, and is pretty funny to watch the face he makes as he is prepping for that tongue twister. It's nice that he is noticing that there is a difference with what he says and what he hears from everyone else. The word he is most proud of, however, is not "Dad", probably because the D's on the end are tricky and it still comes out "Dag", but "Duke". (My brother.) He lies in bed after waking up and I hear him practicing, "Duke. Duke. Duke." and before we have him start practicing new words, every time, he beams, says "Duke!" proudly to show he knows what we want him to do, then he tries the new word.
He is such a smart little guy and has been picking up much of the alphabet/early reading skills that we have been working on with Boston. Lately their favorite show has been "Between the Lions"--it's similar to Sesame Street but with muppet lions who live at the library and teach the kids to read. It used to be Leslie's favorite show, too, and I think it taught her a lot of reading skills, so I'm glad they like it. They have a segment on that show called, "Gawain's Word, Gawain's Word" (it's like a parody of "Wayne's World, Wayne's World, party-time, excel-lent",etc.) where two jousting knights charge together "at high speed" to spell a word. The first knight says "D", the second knight says, "Ance" then they ram together and dance, for one example.
So yesterday the boys were making an awful racket after dinner, yelling and ramming the beep beep and Macy's walker together (she wasn't in it at the time...). I was getting bugged until I realized what they were doing. They were making words! Oooo. Aaaaay. OOOOoo. AAAaay. Crash!!! OOooAAAY! Then they'd laugh hysterically. Who cares if the words weren't really words. They'll catch on eventually.