Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mustache Trumps Hat

We've had a busy couple of weeks taking care of my brother Duke after his tonsillectomy and septum repair. Mom and Dad came down to spend a few days with us, too, and since they were here, Brooke and Jared thought, what the heck, we'll toss our air mattress in the trunk and join the party! Sorry Jake and Rach, Darcy and Perry. You missed out on some pumpkin gut slinging. Mom helped me get Leslie's costume ready to go. She insisted that she wanted to be a "Smarty Pants" (since she is one...). So they stuck smarty candies all over her jeans. We were worried that those wouldn't show up very well, so we also made her a "thinking" cap. I was so relieved that Boston stuck with the ghost idea--he'd been pretty hard to pin down and I had so much fun putting together his costume. Macy was a bright-eyed ladybug and Cooper was a cowboy, pony and all. (This is for our neighborhood party--we'll still trick or treat tomorrow.) We were laughing at Cooper because he has been insistent for atleast the last two months that for Halloween, he was going to be a "Cowboy hack!" Translation: cowboy hat. We have a couple of battered hats in our dress up box and his favorite thing is to put one on and beg for me to turn on the Cowboy Song (Translation: Garth Brooks' "Ain't Goin' Down til the Sun Comes Up") so he can dance like crazy. I know, I'm a bad mom. I let my two year old listen to a song ad nauseum about sneaking out of the house and making out in someone's truck. It doesn't help that the next track on that CD is "Rodeo", so he almost always hears that one, too, to help with his cowboy vocabulary.
Anyway, these dress up hats were not really cowboy hats, so we went to the dollar store to pick him up the real thing, kid sized. He was so excited.
When it was time to get ready for the big party, we had him all dressed. I was adding spots to my face for my "sick" costume" (Mark was "tired" with a tire around his neck). I said, "Cooper, would you like me to draw you a mustache? Oooh. Yes he would. So he got a handsome droopy stache, ala brown wet'n'wild eyeliner. He admired himself in the mirror and slowly reached up for his hat. And lifted it off. And threw it on the ground. "I don't need this anymore!"
Cooper has also made a big leap in his speech skills. Macy started saying "Dadadada", and so we've been having him "help" her say it. This was exciting enough for him to try and do it properly, so this week we've been coaxing him to say all kinds of "d" words.
Macy also said her first word that she knew was really a word. She waves and twists her fingers very slowly and deliberately and says, "Iiii." (Hi.) Sometimes it's hi. So stinking cute.


The Haynes Herd said...

Cute, cute cute!! I love the costumes. the ghost turned out great and the mustache is a great touch. Boston's face in the picture with the pumpkin guts is classic. Jaxon tried eating some of the pumpkin last night while we were carving. Needless to say it ended up as a processed mess in my hand. Little kids are so funny. Good luck with the trick or treating tomorrow!

elshmobelsh said...

I'd take a mustache too- it looked awesome. And how fun to go down to National ARches. I know what you mean about the protective mother instincts. I was driving Jay crazy before we ever had kids because any time we'd hike near an edge I would say- I am never taking my kids up here. It's scary when they just dart off on a whim. But what a fun family activity!!! And a really late happy birthday. I thought about it in Sep and then I was too embarrassed to call once the day was long passed. But I did think of you... does that count? Hey-we'll be coming to town 2 weeks from today, so I'll call you so we can hook up!

Millie Price said...

so fun! i like the pumpkin carving pics.