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Days 2017

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yodeling for Four

Boston had a great birthday. We were brave enough to have eight little boys over for Boston's first official party. Thanks to Brooke for holding the baby so I could orchestrate the games (jumping the river, diving under the "snake", crab races, etc.). I think the highlight, though, was having the boys fish with a real pole over the edge of the deck for their Hot Wheels prizes. They were pretty excited to reel those babies up! So here are four Bostonisms to celebrate turning 4.
1. Boston loves being four. He was wrestling with Mark right around his birthday when he got this quizzical look. "Dad, how strong are you?" Mark growled, "TOO STRONG!" Boston smirks a little, catching Mark off guard. "I'M 4 strong!!!"
2. He might be strong, but he's not quite as tricky as he thinks he is. A few days later, Mark was working at home and watching the boys while I took Macy to her checkup. I was in a rush and as he arrived to take over, I told him that the boys were playing in the basement. Much to Mark's consternation, Boston rang the front doorbell as soon as I was gone. "Hi Dad. Can Corbin and Jace play?" Mark figured out that Boston must have gone outside through the basement door, through our sometimes-left-open gate and up to the front yard where he is not supposed to play alone. He explained to Boss that I was gone and he can't have friends over when Mom is gone. Boston whined a little and then headed back down the basement stairs to join Cooper. He got about halfway down and yelled softly, "Too late!"
Mark thought about that for a second. Yep. Boston had snuck his friends into the basement through the backyard and then went back around to ask permission! He was smart enough to do that, but not smart enough to keep his yap shut.
3. Boss loves to use the cool phrases that the kids say on TV shows, but he doesn't really know what they mean and he frequently only gets them partly right. His current favorite cracks us up. "Not for longer!"
4. Boston loves Fiddler on the Roof. I think this is a little weird, even though I love musicals myself, because this one doesn't really have any kid stuff in it ( I need to get Mary Poppins or One Man Family Band or something, I guess.) Mostly he just loves the "If I Were a Rich Man" song. He thinks it's hilarious. So, yesterday, when I realized I needed to run some errands and the kids were particularly cranky, I decided to mix it up a little and introduce something new. I grabbed my The Sound of Music soundtrack.
A little sidenote here. I am a mother of four. I have been a mother for more than 8 years now. I have long lost any shred of coolness or dignity, for that matter. I embrace my unique uncoolness. I also happen to be an enthusiastic soprano.
You know that one song where they do the puppet show? Yeah, you do. "High on the hill was a lonely goatherd..." Well, when you are in the car with three cranky children, a little yodeling does wonders. And I'm always rather proud of that high A on the end. The children sat and listened in shocked glee. When the song was over, my sweet little four year old demanded, "Do it again, Mom! Do it again!!!" I love four. I'll cry when he's fourteen. But then again, I'll have some serious ammunition. I picture it going something like this:
"Boston, E-Dawg can't come over until your room is clean."
"Mom, you're so lame!"
"Watch your mouth or the next time I'm giving rides to baseball practice I'll start yodeling in the car again!"


The Haynes Herd said...

Good stuff. I think Jax would start crying if I tried to yodel. But it could be worth a try. That sounds like the birthday party was a hit and Boston sneaking his friends in the house at 4 is classic stuff!

Crystal said...

I didn't know you could yodel! You are definately a woman with many secret talents!