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Days 2017

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Chicken or the Egg?

I don't write that much about Leslie because she is kind of like the third grown up in our home. She is so much like me that it makes me laugh, and I hope she doesn't resent this someday. (Maybe I only think I understand her). Sometimes, though, she helps me understand what my mom must have gone through when I was a third grader. Here is an example of what topics one day of conversation with her have covered. I was tired, as usual, and most of these topics were posed in the form of a question, and when I try to give my pat answer, she argues with me and finds all the loopholes to my logic until she is content with what she has learned. It's kind of the 3rd grader version of catching me in that, "oops, skipped a page" trick you do when you don't want to read all 54 pages of Harold and the Purple Crayon any more.
Why don't people just wear pajamas all day? Or at least just one set of clothes?
Why do we grow? Why can't we just all be short?
Why does hamburger have rocks in it? No, really, my teacher said they put rocks in it because it's too expensive to just have plain meat. (Dad's gonna love that one...)
How do we know that we aren't drinking dinosaur spit?
How are germs created? (She didn't like my, "From Mommy and Daddy germs.")
Why do we have Labor Day? (My answer was, uh....)
Is anything alive besides plants and animals?
She loves chicken or egg type questions. That day was, What came first, water or ice?
All this brain power and today, in a sincerely worried voice, she confided to me, "Mom, I'm scared to learn cursive. It's really hard!"
Cooper has been doing a little learning of his own. We got him signed up with Utah County's Kids on the Move program that helps with any developmental stuff before the age of three. His surgical team at Primary Children's recommended that we start him on some speech lessons, and Kids on the Move comes to your house. Awesome. He gets his own private speech session with a super fun gal twice a month, and she also gives me suggestions for what to work on with him. For those of you who don't know Cooper, he has the most adorable articulation resulting from his cleft palate. He doesn't say his D's, T's, or Th's. The N's are a little nasally. Instead he substitutes with back-of-the-throat sounds (called "backing"). So, our goal we set was for him to say "Dad", instead of "Gag", before Macy can say Dad. I'm actually going to miss this as well as some of our other favorite Cooper phrases that we take for granted, now. Can you decipher these?
In a minick.
I gon'k wank coo go coo beg.
I KNOCK go coo beg.
Goggie. As in, "Gair's a goggie ryk gair!"
icks hock ouksyge
kamango (this is potato. He gets it mixed up with tomato and mango, and then with the backing...)
I goo ick myself!
Knock coogay.
Wha's gack soun?
ho' gog (hot dog)
teyyee bear
gump ick ouk! or the politically correct, spic ick ouk!
complooger (this is my favorite. Computer.)
Of course, some of his phrases are just plain cute, like any other toddler. When I asked him what kind of "complooger" game he wanted to play, he pointed at "Cat in the Hat" and said, "Appleseuss!"
Macy is crying, so I will have to share some Bostonisms later, along with some fun birthday pics.

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The Haynes Herd said...

I love all the 3rd grader questions. Good luck with that and the cursive.
Cooper's translations are great. Jax says ho'gog too. Little kids are so fun.