Days 2017

Days 2017

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beautiful Birthday

I turned thirty-one last week and for our fun birthday date Mark took me out to dinner and then to the 8th International Art Competition Exhibit at the Conference Center. It was huge, beautiful and inspiring and I've enjoyed remembering which paintings we liked the best and pondering them. This was also extra nice to do as a date to see which ones the other liked the best and why. Then, I found out that the entire exhibit is online. What a fun stay-at-home, late-at-night date idea for everyone else! Here is the link.
If for some reason this doesn't work, you can go to the site at and go to the international exhibit link. One thing I will regret for those of you who don't get to go in person is that many of these paintings were very large and it feels different and more reverent somehow to stand in front of it. Here is a short list of my very favorite ones, you can find them by the artist's name. Unfortunately I can't just copy and paste them here. Be sure to magnify and look close at the faces, etc.
My very favorite was "The Mother of All Living" by Al Young. It was huge and gorgeous.
Mark and my collective favorite was "Flight" by Rose Dall.
The one I've been thinking about the most is "A Conversation with the Master" by Nathan Florence.
One that gave me chills was "The Gathering" by Joshua Jensen.
One that made me laugh out loud was "A Peculiar People" by Glen Edwards.
One that still makes me cry is "Modern Day Mother in Zion" by Anita Hart-Carroll. Be sure and close up the wounds on that one.
One that totally reminded me of Mark was "Even When No one Wants to Hear" by Eileen McAllister. He went to France on his mission and has just that same sense of humor. One time on P-Day he and his comp rode their bikes around the Arc-de-Triumph 7 times to see if it would fall down. What a cute nerd.
Three others that I really liked were "There Indeed" by Clark Price, "The Greatest in the Kingdom" by J. Kirk Richards, and "The Three Gardens" by Tracy Holmes.
Check these out and give me your thoughts!
Oh, and in case you've been wondering if we have dropped the scripture song thing, we haven't. I just haven't had hardly any time to be on the computer to transcribe, but here are the songs from August and September. Boston particularly likes this month because it rhymes and has lots of his favorite letter, (B).
August was 2 Nephi 32:3, one that I had already learned from seminary. It went to "Reverently, Quietly" in the Children's Songbook.
Angels speak
by the power
of the Holy Ghost wherefore
The-ey speak
the wordsofChrist
wherefore I said unto you
Feast upon
the-e words
of Christ for behold
the wordsof Christ will tell you
all things what youshould do.

And this month is easy to remember because the numbers are sequential. It goes to the tune of "Stars were Gleaming", also from the Children's Songbook.
Therefore ye must
always pray un-
to the Father in my name.
And whatsoe-
ver ye shall ask
The-e Father in my name
Which is right be-
lieving that ye
shall receive be
-hold it shall be
given u-unto-o you.
3rdNephi eighteen, nineteen twenty.

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