Days 2017

Days 2017

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lazy Crazy Daze of Summer

Okay, I guess I have tons of catching up to do. Macy has been napping less and I seem to have a lot less time to goof off. I wouldn't trade it, though, since I get a full night's sleep most nights. Part of my business has been playing catch-up from our week in Montana with my family. As usual, I think I took, like, six pictures the whole week and my mom took over one hundred. (Maybe that's why I was lazy with my camera because I knew I could bum off of hers...?) It was very good to get to see my sister Darcy and her little family. We had not seen them for over 2 1/2 years because they've been at chiropractic school in Texas and then moved to the Oregon coast. The best part was finally seeing the cousins get to play together. There were five little boys age 3 to 1, so we mostly just were entertained by them and tried to keep them contained. (Poor Mom and Dad have a burning barrel--no garbage man on the prairie, you know, and just think of the mountain of diapers we left behind!) Every night came Dad's favorite part of the whole party. He gathered everyone in the living room to sing silly songs together and watch the antics just in time for prayers and bedtime. Grandpas are for winding kids up, I guess. Duke, in his cool, calm bachelorhood thought he would die a slow death from hearing the slippery fish song every night (and all day long) or "I am like a Star shining brightly" on Kyler's go-to-sleep CD. He slept in the Suburban so he wouldn't have to hear the crying babies all night.
There are also some random pictures from this summer including our family at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House and my enormous crop of cucumbers that we thought were watermelon plants when we planted them. Whoops! Aw, pickles. Leslie counted 55 at one point. Any recipe suggestions? I think I should follow Leslie's example and lay around with some over my eyes.


Romney Family said...

Jackie~what great summer fun!! How fun to get to be with all your family!! Loved the pictures!!

erica e said...

fun summer pics! and wow! that is a lot of cucumbers. are you going to make pickles? or relish? and did you know that you can acutally chop them up and put them in chinese stir fry? they don't taste the same and are kinda a fun addition.

The Haynes Herd said...

It was so great to finally have all the cousins together. What a blast. Glad to see you're having a fun summer.