Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, August 28, 2009


We've been soaking up as much of what's left of summer as we can, lately. Leslie started school last week but the weather is still beautiful. My friend Michelle clued me in about this free splash park in Highland and so we took a Friday evening picnic there. My favorite part of the whole day was seeing the boys' faces when they realized that they were going to be allowed to actually play in the fountains. It was great!! We've missed out on a lot of waterplay just with having three little ones so close together where there aren't enough adults to go around. This park was extra nice because they didn't need any help and we could just laze around on the grass with the baby and occasionally tell Boston not to run. That little river Cooper is sitting in was about two inches deep and some of the boulders had fountains coming out of them. Why doesn't every town have a place like this??
I've been awfully busy. This is the third Sunday in a row that one of my kids has been sick with a fever. The baby was last week and she is finally getting back on a schedule where she can nap comfortably and only wake up once in the night. My other big project has been the annual canning of the peaches. For the last two or three years I have done this with friends and we each do one box (1/2 a bushel), usually making about 14 qts apiece. This year, however, I figured I would be the deadweight of the group with having to stop working to feed the baby, etc., and decided it would be better if I just went slow and did it myself. Plus, I also learned earlier this year that I'm actually not supposed to do any canning on my flattop stove because they are likely to crack from the heat and the pot that overlaps the burner so much. So I just did one batch at a time and took the pot off as quickly as possible to let everything cool down. The Lord blesses the righteous and sometimes me too, I guess. No cracked stove and every 28 quarts sealed without incident. I did double the usual amount because my kids eat home-canned peaches like candy. I love them too, maybe because they don't grow in Montana so I never had "the real thing" growing up.
Oh, so to explain the picture of Cooper and the peaches... I did the canning over two days. The first day I did 14 qts and a batch of freezer jam because I ran out of jars. So I had this luscious second box of peaches sitting in the panty that night, waiting to be canned. That night I got to escape from my hard day's work by going to the Springville Art Museum quilt show with some friends. Mark watched kids and spent two hours cleaning up my sticky peachy canning mess without being asked. Being a Dad, he's not quite as used to multi-tasking. Cooper kept disappearing on him, but he thought nothing of it. Finally he discovered this pile of one-bite peaches. Hmmm. We thought it was pretty funny and I made Mark his favorite peach pie out of the "good halves" to thank him for all his hard work.
Boston's birthday is coming up and he is so excited. He keeps pulling his long pants from this spring out of the closet and putting them on because he's not fond of wearing shorts, and they are so high-waters on him! I try to explain that they don't fit if I can see his ankles, but then he leans down to inspect things himself and it looks great from his angle! The other day when he got down from the table I told him to wash his face because he had ketchup on it. He looked skeptical. "Mom, I'm a man. Mans don't have ketchup on their face!"
This morning Mark, Macy and I were laying in bed, celebrating the fact that only one child was up once in the night. Boston climbed in,too, then Cooper, both of them romping around like the pups they are. (I escaped to safety with Macy). Mark was tickling them both and I hear this conversation. "Are you ticklish??" "NO! Hahahaha." Mark starts kissing them under their chins with his scratchy morning face. Boston screams, "I'M NOT KISS-A-LISH EITHER. HAHAHHAHA!"


Michelle said...

Boston is a HOOT!! Glad you enjoyed the splash park. I am amazed that you did 28 qts. Wow!! I may have to do that many this year, we (meaning Jeff) ate the entire jar in one sitting. I need your recipe. Had fun at the quilt show!!

The Haynes Herd said...

your boys are so funny, I love it. Way to go with the peaches! Jax and I found a little water park this week too. He's been asking to go back every day to the water slide. Meaning there are water features and slides and swings. I think we're going tomorrow for the third time. The water shuts off after labor day. You'll have to check to see if yours has a cut off day too. We love your blog and miss you guys!