Days 2017

Days 2017

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sensory Snapshots: Fresh from the Trenches

Sitting in church yesterday I was starting to get irritated by a wiggly son who kept climbing over me. Then I realized just how unique that particular experience is and that I want to remember and maybe even treasure some of the physical sensations from the nitty-gritty trenches of motherhood. I particularly wanted to think of ones that I might forget someday. I would LOVE all of you to help me with my collection of sensations, be they good, bad, or hilarious. Here are the ones I came up with today:
  • velcro or shoebuckles rubbing against my new nylons
  • breathing wisps of baby hair up my nose when I lie down a little too close
  • the sharp prod of a cabinet child lock to the shoulder when rummaging in my cupboards
  • delicate and sweet breathing sounds of a baby
  • sound of bedsprings bouncing, then the house-shaking thunk of a body hitting the floor
  • pilled-up fleece jammies that can't shake the maple syrup smell
  • loss of momentum in a rocker when a second child leans over the arm to see the baby
  • the socket-wrenching yank to the arm when the child whose hand you are holding suddenly decides to protest wet-noodle style
  • quiet that you notice because it's rare
  • Elmer's glue smell of a newborn's diapers
  • actually slipping on a banana in real life
  • hot, steamy wet baby head against my cheek when first born and then every time I pull them out of the tub
  • a child's silky head under my nose, lips and chin when being read to (actually, this doesn't need to be on my list because there is no way I will ever forget this feeling in a million years)
  • the weight of a sleeping child across my chest
  • "whispering" into your ear so loud it tickles
  • slap, slap sound of fleshy bare feet running on bare floor
  • the sudden comical popping of a baby's eyes every time the lights go off, the sun goes behind the clouds, or when we drive under an overpass
  • the winding up sound of a crib mobile
  • sound of scribbling
  • yank of two strands of hair caught in a baby's tight sweaty fist, and then trying to undo that fist with one hand while holding onto baby with the other
  • the intensity of having four people talk loudly to you at the same time, each completely oblivious of the others
  • a lippy, toothless sneeze
What am I missing?

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Laurie said...

Ooooh, I have one. The velcro on nylons made me laugh because that happened to me yesterday, brand new ones too! I am sure I will think of more, but I love hearing the first call of "Mom?" "Mommy?" and "Maam!" every morning, even when I really don't want to get out of bed. One I definitely do not want to remember is the pain when a child on your lap suddenly leans back and their head hits me squarely in the nose. Happens all the time.