Days 2017

Days 2017

Thursday, June 25, 2009

a little summer lovin' for y'all

First, the pictures of the younger, more footloose and fancy-free me were ones that I scanned in (these are vintage, pre-digital age!) to contribute to our reunion party. Go Cougars! The picture with four couples was taken on Valentine's Day 1999 when all of my roommates and I had a serious Valentine. Mark and I were engaged, the others didn't last and my roommates are all happier with the other fish in the sea they eventually caught. Then there is a shot of Leslie's summer freckles because I think they are cute, then pictures of Macy (also cute) and ones of our campout in American Fork Canyon. phew. On to the actual entry...
Well, I'm proud of myself for already having taken the fam, including the baby, on two campouts this summer. I've learned that I actually prefer it with the baby because then I have an excuse to sleep in the nice warm, quiet Tahoe on a couple of old couch cushions while Mark wrestles with the boys, the sleeping bags, the wind and the well, the ground in general--my least part of camping, edging out all the smoky laundry afterwards by just a little bit. The kids love getting to be outside and we look forward to the day when we don't have to watch them all quite so closely. The first trip was up American Fork Canyon (CROWDED and windy) the second trip was up Hobble Creek. The weather was much nicer and we had a huge space for the kids to run around, so it went much better. Plus the stream is slower and they had a fabulous playground that we spent some time at just a mile down from where we were.
Saturday was also a day Mark and I have been looking forward to for awhile. It was a ten year reunion from when our "Singles Ward" bishop was released so there was a huge party at his house in Provo. It was fun to see so many people we had known through our courtship (I know, that's a weird, old-fashioned word, but what else do you call it, anyway?) I think there were something like 15 couples that got engaged within our apartment complex in one semester, so we were laughing about the enormous, continuous line of mini-vans parked all down the street at the reunion--most of us are in that stage of life now.
I don't get truly surprised very often, but I was that night, boy-howdy. Bishop and Sister Larson had a camcorder way back when, and a karaoke machine for subject material. I kept a pretty detailed journal way back when. Somehow, the camcorder and the karaoke escaped the written record. I had compLETELY forgetten that I once sang a pretty hammy duet of "Summer Lovin" from Grease with the Elders Quorum Pres--must've been at an FHE the week before I met Mark??. Our little clip got shown not once, but twice on the big screen TV for everyone at the BBQ because I was down in the basement changing the baby the first go round. It was one of those fun/embarrassing/it's okay that I did this once but now I'd rather just watch it by myself kind of moments. I don't know, maybe I've just watched American Idol a few too many times, but I was glad Simon wasn't around. I had, to put it nicely, no "star quality". (And I was glad Leslie was off playing with the other kids so I didn't have to explain some of those lyrics...)
The other weird part of that whole watching-myself thing was realizing that I must have looked just like that when Mark first asked me out. Pre-braces, straight off my "fat" summer on the assembly line, and a little too eager to not be dating premies (pre-missionaries). Poor guy. Good thing I made a mean pot of chili.
Here's to Southridge Apts! Meggan, Maren, Dawnette and Kristy, wish you could have come! Miss you guys.
PS. Boston. What a guy. On Sunday Mark was waiting outside the bathroom stall at church, wondering what was taking Boston so long. Finally Boston admitted he needed help. He couldn't get his pants up. Huh? Mark thought. So he went in to help. Up went the underwear. Up went the...pajamas. Up went the church pants. And off he went, back to his class.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sensory Snapshots: Fresh from the Trenches

Sitting in church yesterday I was starting to get irritated by a wiggly son who kept climbing over me. Then I realized just how unique that particular experience is and that I want to remember and maybe even treasure some of the physical sensations from the nitty-gritty trenches of motherhood. I particularly wanted to think of ones that I might forget someday. I would LOVE all of you to help me with my collection of sensations, be they good, bad, or hilarious. Here are the ones I came up with today:
  • velcro or shoebuckles rubbing against my new nylons
  • breathing wisps of baby hair up my nose when I lie down a little too close
  • the sharp prod of a cabinet child lock to the shoulder when rummaging in my cupboards
  • delicate and sweet breathing sounds of a baby
  • sound of bedsprings bouncing, then the house-shaking thunk of a body hitting the floor
  • pilled-up fleece jammies that can't shake the maple syrup smell
  • loss of momentum in a rocker when a second child leans over the arm to see the baby
  • the socket-wrenching yank to the arm when the child whose hand you are holding suddenly decides to protest wet-noodle style
  • quiet that you notice because it's rare
  • Elmer's glue smell of a newborn's diapers
  • actually slipping on a banana in real life
  • hot, steamy wet baby head against my cheek when first born and then every time I pull them out of the tub
  • a child's silky head under my nose, lips and chin when being read to (actually, this doesn't need to be on my list because there is no way I will ever forget this feeling in a million years)
  • the weight of a sleeping child across my chest
  • "whispering" into your ear so loud it tickles
  • slap, slap sound of fleshy bare feet running on bare floor
  • the sudden comical popping of a baby's eyes every time the lights go off, the sun goes behind the clouds, or when we drive under an overpass
  • the winding up sound of a crib mobile
  • sound of scribbling
  • yank of two strands of hair caught in a baby's tight sweaty fist, and then trying to undo that fist with one hand while holding onto baby with the other
  • the intensity of having four people talk loudly to you at the same time, each completely oblivious of the others
  • a lippy, toothless sneeze
What am I missing?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

June Song

Last week a book I ordered came in the mail--Love and Logic for Toddlers. I needed a little parenting refresher course because I find myself at a loss with Boston particularly and don't want to resort to breaking my wooden spoons on him. (Just kidding.) Plus, I figure that if I get it right with him, Cooper mimics everything he does and should be a piece of cake.
I've read some Love and Logic stuff before, but not since Leslie was quite little and perfect in every way, so I'd forgotten a lot of their advice, not ever really having practiced it. I'm excited to change my ways and surprisingly, I'm using it on Leslie, too.
For example, one of the main ideas is to "Let the Consequences do the Teaching" instead of nagging and lecturing all the time. For one thing, kids lose all respect for what you say if you are a broken record, for another, it makes them think subconsciously that "if mom is always reminding me to do things, I must not be smart enough to handle it myself". I am really weak in this area and have trouble keeping my mouth shut. I'd much rather beat the dead horse with trying to reiterate what lesson should have been learned. The trick (I guess) is to plan ahead.
I chose one thing that I am constantly nagging Leslie about--combing her hair. If I remind her and remind her, she gets sick of me and tells me she doesn't care how she looks. So we started the summer fresh with a new short haircut. Then I explained to her the morning routine for the rest of the summer--eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, etc. I told her that to help her remember to do her hair every day we were going to add an extra consequence because I love her too much to nag her. If she forgets to do her hair, it tells me that she doesn't care how she looks anyway, so I am going to select one item of her clothing to pack away for Macy to wear someday. It might be her favorite new shirt, her jean shorts, whatever, but she won't know. This freaked her out pretty good and she remembered to do her hair without a word from me for the first three days. Then came today. She totally forgot. I had to literally gulp down my reminder words and mutter to myself, "Let the consequences do the teaching. Let the consequences do the teaching." So tonight she is going to be upset when her new popsicle print jammies are no where to be found. If she wants to earn them back she's going to come up with some good plan on her own.
Here is our new scripture song. It is part of 1 Nephi 1:20, to the tune of "On a Golden Springtime" from the Children's Songbook.

But behold, I, Ne-ephi
Will show unto you
__ That the tender mercies of the Lord are over all
Those who-om he hath cho-osen
Because of the-eir faith
To make them mighty ev'n unto
The pow'r of deliv'rance!

Monday, June 1, 2009


It occurs to me that I haven't taken many pictures of Macy lately, so here are some of her smiley face. I was happy to sing her the song from "Singin' in the Rain" this morning because she earned it for the first time. "Good mornin', good MORNin'. You SLEPT the whole night thru...good mornin', good mornin', to you!" Eleven to seven, yeah baby. She usually smiles when sung to or spoken to and loves attention from her siblings. These other pictures are from Saturday. Mark took Leslie and Boston to a firemen's breakfast fundraiser. One of his clients is a fireman. I thought it was a great idea because they say that little children are often afraid of firemen and will hide from them if they come into a burning home to rescue them. Boston loved "driving" the truck.

The last one is of my rowdy boys. Boston had this huge huge egg on his head a couple weeks ago from when he jumped off the couch and landed on his head on top of Macy's rattle. I thought his brain was leaking out. JK. It did look awful, though, and there was a moment when we were thinking about taking him to the ER. He was fine, but the lump is still going down. On Saturday Cooper climbed into my big tub (he's had bad luck with that thing) and emptied out a bottle of bubble bath while I was feeding the baby. Of course, he slipped and whacked his head on the faucet. So here are our two little wannabe Rhinocerouses. I don't know why Boston is plugging his nose like that, but it does make the picture memorable, doesn't it?