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Days 2017

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cooper's Big Day

Yesterday Cooper turned 2. It's hard to believe all at once that he's only two and that he is already two. It was a good day. He came downstairs in the morning and saw our customary birthday streamers with the comment of, "ooh. Ghat's fun." He and Boston played outside most of the day with his new dump truck in the sandbox. Then Mark came home early for Sunbeam cake and presents. Boston and Leslie were both so excited for him. Cooper liked the presents but was a little shy about being sung too, even though it was just our family. He ducked his head and tried to shrink himself under the counter or something, but once we got to the blowing out of the candles he was ready to rejoin the party.
Then we were on to the family adventure (instead of a big party). One of our friends had given Mark some tickets to the Bees minor league baseball game against the Cubs, not realizing it was Cooper's birthday. But we figured that was a good birthday activity so we planned around it. It was very hot--92 degrees a bit before we left, but by the time we had our 5 for 5 Weinershnitzel corndogs and got seated it had cooled down, plus the stadium was very nice and almost all in the shade. Cooper had fun, but Boston (as usual) stole the show. At least this time it wasn't by scarfing down uncut birthday cake with his face while the rest of us were opening gifts, like he did last year. Here's how it went.
In the car:
Mark and I are trying to have a grown up conversation.
Mark: So, as I was saying, I talked to....
Boston: Take M E out to the...
Mark: Craig today and he said...
Jackie: ssshhh. Boston. Not so loud.
Boston: BALL game. Take ME out to the CROWD!!!!
Jackie: Whose kid is that, anyway?
Boston: Buy me some mumble mumble and mumble
Mark: Craig said it will probably be about six weeks before...
Boston: And it's root, root, root for the
Jackie, giving up and clueless, apparently: Home Team!
Mark and Boston at the same time as Jackie: Red Sox!
Leslie, Boston, Mark and Jackie, with Cooper grinning and Macy snoring through it all: If they don't win it's a SHAME!
You know how the rest went.
Mark: I can't believe how loud he is!!!
Jackie: Yeah. My ears hurt.
And that wasn't even the best of it. He got to put his talent to good use when Mark had a parental stroke of genius. Here's how it went.
At the game:
Boston is getting restless.
Mark: Boston, you have to sit still, but this isn't church. You don't have to be quiet.
Boston: I don't?
Mark: Nope. Try this. The next time that batter is getting ready to hit, say, "Hey, batterbatter."
Boston: Looks at Mark in disbelief.
Mark: Try it.
Boston: hey batterbatter.
Boston ducks under Mark's arm.
Mark: You can say it louder than that. It's okay.
Boston: Hey batterbatter.
Boston ducks under Mark's arm.
Mark: Hey, good job. I think you made him miss!
Boston looks around and grins.
Boston: Now, Dad?
Mark nods at the appropriate moment.
Boston, cupping his mouth and with a surprising amound of growl in his voice: HEEEEY, BATTERBATTER!!!!!
Jackie, laughing to tears: Who taught him to do that?
Mark, laughing to tears and pointing significantly at Jackie: Whose kid did you say this was?
The batter struck out. I'm positive he could hear Boston. I'm positive the whole stadium could. He was the only one yelling!
I guess Dad always said, If the people in front of you don't turn around, it wasn't loud enough.


Brooke and Jared said...

Happy Birthday Coop! Looks like he got some good presents-and Boston seems just as excited! Boss is always full of surprises =)

Darcy said...

Whose kids are those anyways! Happy Birthday Coop! love the monstor inc hat!