Days 2017

Days 2017

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Typing with a Snugli...

Ha. I am a typing octupus. I got my Snugli baby carrier out today after realizing I was starting to be bugged by a bunch of little things that needed attending, but every time I walked by, my arms would be full of baby. I feel liberated and Macy doesn't seem to mind a bit. Well, actually...

Next day: I broke my personal record today. With all my other babies I cried when they were born and then every day for at least the first two or three weeks from sheer exhaustion. I don't think I even cried at all when Macy came--I shrieked a pretty good few during the birth since my epidural somehow missed the ballpark when it counted--but I don't think I cried. Today was my first good cry. A friend called to ask how I was doing and to bring me some soup and I made a crack about wanting to hire the wolves from The Jungle Book to raise my children because they'd probably do a better job than I am right now, and I found myself somehow leaking profusely from the eyeballs. But I'm actually quite impressed with myself for holding out this long. It just goes to show that with your fourth there is way less emotional adjusting to do. I'm really feeling pretty good. Macy has been good to let me sleep between feedings at night, and if she fusses a bit, Mark gets up with her for a few minutes until she goes back to sleep, so I'm not feeling very sleep deprived at all. These last few days have just been particularly draining because Cooper has had a bad sinus cold and has been following me around ALL DAY LONG moaning and howling "Hold you....hold you!" (He still has his pronouns mixed up.) I hold him as much as I can, but he hasn't figured out that there is a little conflict if Mommy is already holding someone else. And then Boston is cranky because no one is playing with him, so he causes trouble or whines. Today Cooper is doing quite a bit better, only about 30% hold you hold you. Of course, both of them figured out immediately that if I am feeding the baby, they can pretty much get away with anything they want--I'm all bark and no bite. As soon as I get started they make a beeline for the bathroom cabinets or the kitchen drawers. Yesterday Boston ran the bathtub water for probably a good 5 minutes before I even realized it. This is after he had already ran the sink for at least as long and emptied all the baby shampoo down it. Today I willingly, out of desperation, gave them nasty old flyswatters to "go fishing" with (Mark would be horrified--he's the more germ conscious of the two of us) if they promised not to whack each other or put them in their mouths--I was just so tired of the crying and fighting, and if I suggest that they go play with their actual toys that are overflowing out of their playroom, they look at me like I'm an idiot. Of course they got taken away again in about two minutes flat, which caused more crying and fighting. Then it was Mickey Mouse to the rescue--again--so I could feed the baby in peace. I'll be glad when it stops snowing and they can go outside and play in the sandbox. So all the neighbors can enjoy the howling, too. I really didn't think the hard part of having another baby would be the two I already had.
This baby is pretty easy still. I'm very much enjoying getting to just feed her myself instead of having to be up feeding a bottle, then hooked up to a pump, then washing the pump and bottles, then going back to bed FINALLY, like I did with Cooper. Right now we are focusing on figuring out when she wants to nap and when I need to try to wake her up so she will hopefully start going a little longer between her night feedings. The only problem with that is the accompanying guilt that comes when I think she should be awake and I'd rather let her sleep. Oh well. That's one good thing about not being a single parent. If I sabotage my own efforts at a good night's sleep, Mark is there to take up the slack for me. But she's been really good, anyway.
Here's a little funny for you to enjoy. Mark was singing the Happy Family song to Boston the other day, trying to fit all of the kids' names into one verse. ("I love Boston, he loves me" etc.) Boston wasn't quite satisfied with that version. When Mark was done, Boston belted out, "And Daddy loves himself!"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Macy Jane Day

Macy Jane arrived a few days early. I went into labor during a blizzard, just like Dad's "heavies" always do! Then my water broke in the early morning, so that was that. We'll have more to report later, but here are some pictures to show off. We named her Macy because you can spell Macy out of both our first names. She was 7 lbs 12 oz and 20 inches long, and so far a very easy baby.

Monday, March 2, 2009

March Scripture Song

Leslie had a big day Saturday-she got baptized and is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. More on that when my sister-in-law emails me some cute pictures she took. Mark had a big day the next day--he turned 33. It's always kind of boring to have your birthday on a Sunday, and this was a fast Sunday, but he still got lasagna, Sunbeam cake, and a pan of his favorite caramels to hoard away. I have a big day tomorrow--sort of. That's when my secondary insurance to cover this delivery kicks in, so I can quit being nervous about what happens if I deliver early. No jumping on any trampolines tonight, and I should be fine. I'm guessing I'll still last at least another 2 and a half weeks, Mark thinks not that long. We'll see.

Here is our scripture song for March. Once again, the tune came together remarkably easy, especially since I didn't even realize I was studying a completely different song in the songbook until I had the whole thing figured out to the differing tune that was stuck in my head. It was meant to be! We were surprised this morning as we sang February's song for the last time that Cooper was more willing to "fill in the blanks" of the words than Boston was. He has been learning it all along and we didn't even notice.

To the tune of "I Have Two Little Hands", Children's Songbook.

The last few measures if you want the reference:
Moro-oni Se-even: Forty-seven

__But cha-arity is the pure love of Christ
A-and it endureth fore-e-ever.
And whoso is fo-ound posse-essed of it
At the last day it shall be we-ell with him.