Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pondering List from me to you

This month marks one full year of me spending at least half an hour a day on my scripture study, missing very few days, usually because we were traveling and I didn't have my accustomed privacy (those terrorists in the backseat and all...). My time is spent praying, reading, thinking, and writing my thoughts in my scripture journal. I'm on my third one already! If anyone hasn't already read my extensive entry from last February about the fireside that finally got me doing this the right way, much more effectively, I invite you to go back through my archives and read it. But for now, to celebrate, I thought I would share with you some of the "Pondering Questions" I compiled a couple weeks ago that I've been picking up as I went along. A lot of these questions have scriptural examples or are attributed to a talk or article, but I wanted it printable in smaller, bookmark form so I could have it set on the table where I can look at it while I read if I'm having trouble focusing and learning. Let me know if you want to know where any of it came from. Hmmm. It didn't stay in bookmark form, but if you want to print it out, copy it to word and set the page setting into columns.

Ponder the path of thy feet.
Consider my heart—the Lord is!
Ponder the prophecies that pertain to me and my family personally, as Mary did when she “pondered [these things] in her heart”.
Desire to know also, as Nephi did of Lehi’s dream.
Ask “How can these things serve the learning and profit of my children?”
What would the Lord have me do?
What would the Lord have me feel?
Ponder the things the Lord has already shown to me.
Ponder especially the specific words of Christ.
Ponder how merciful the Lord has been to the children of men, and to me.
How do these scriptures relate to the ministry that I have been called?
Ponder the warnings I receive in my heart. Any bells going off that I need to do better or change something? Why do I feel guilt over this?
Look for connections, patterns and themes.
How can this “learning” move to “doing”?
How does this fit into the Plan of Happiness?
What caused Jesus to utter the parable/message?
What personal message is embedded here for me, today?
What was the big picture here…the circumstances?
Are any key words standing out that I could look up elsewhere?
How is this different or how does it enhance similar words from other prophets?
Does this remind me of a personal experience that I need to record or share?
How does this help me come unto Christ?
What are the scriptures reminding me about that I have yet to teach my children, as Lehi was reminded by the brass plates?
Figure out what your mission is and highlight scriptures that will help to accomplish it.


Beam Family said...

Jackie, I know I've said this before, but you really are an inspiration to me. Thanks for posting spiritual things on your blog, it really helps me.


elshmobelsh said...

Jackie, you are so good-- like the Melanie kind of good in Gone with the Wind. I totally remember your entry from a year ago. It was very inspiring. I've gone a bit off that path, have not dedicated myself as I should, but have currently been acheiving another goal. We were challanged to read a the Book of Mormon between Christmas and Easter and were given clean books with a new red pencil. I have marked all the words that describe God, Jesus, or the Holy Ghost. Wow. It has totally changed how I feel about the book. Did you know the whole things is written to show us how the Lord wants to deliver us? I'm sure you do, but I just see it in a very different light. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Thanks for listening to mine.

Christina said...

What a great habit you've gotten into! I'm so impressed. I found your blog through Debbie's and I will for sure be back to visit.