Days 2017

Days 2017

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mark's babies

Mark wanted to take a shot with all of his babies. He's been taking good care of me. Saturday night as we were finishing our delicious dinner (I think he may have felt a little guilty that I slaved over something for him. Ha. I cook because I like to eat. Alot.) he told Leslie he had a job for her. He said she was supposed to drag me away from the table and upstairs where she was to run me a bubble bath in my big tub. And I was not to be allowed to do any work. She took her job seriously and yelled at me when I started winding up a vacuum cleaner while she was moving a CD player to the bathroom with my new Valentine's CD in it. I like being pregnant. I always feel like I'm getting away with being lazy.
The boys had a big week. We bit the bullet and moved Boston into the same bedroom as Cooper. One, because my nesting instinct has hit big time and it's driving me crazy that I don't have a cute spot for the baby yet, and two, we want them to get used to each other's sleeping habits before the baby gets here and both parents are already overtired and cranky and not wanting to deal with two boys in one room. Boston was pretty nervous about the whole thing and has been protesting whenever the subject came up, but the other day they were playing nicely and I just quietly stripped his covers off his bed and moved them to the empty bed in Cooper's room. Then I told them I had a big surprise for them...a special Boston place to read stories. He ran to Cooper's room and I held my breath. "AWESOME!" he says. I think he got that from my Dad. So far so good. Boston has only complained about Cooper's bedtime acrobatic, song-and-dance, bounce on the bed routine once, and hasn't woken up yet when Cooper does in the night. YES! And today they BOTH slept in until almost 8:30


The Haynes Herd said...

Tell Mark his babies are lookin' good. Way to go on the roommates! Good luck down there next month.

Christina said...

How exciting to be expecting. Your little belly looks adorable.