Days 2017

Days 2017

Monday, February 9, 2009

Blood, Sweat, and Frosting

Okay, first, about the blood. Yesterday Cooper and Boston were playing nicely, already dressed for church, in my empty corner tub while I was getting ready. I even had the faucet wrapped with a towel so they wouldn't bang on it. Somehow Cooper fell and hit his chin on the tub floor. And split it wide open. I got the bleeding to stop pretty quickly, even though he wouldn't let me hold down a cold washcloth on him, so I put some liquid bandage goop on it and a super whammy extra sticky waterproof bandaid so he couldn't pull it off. Right. He pulled it off plus the next two in about half an hour flat. Finally, with a little help from some medical tape I had a keeper and we were off to church. Where it started bleeding again profusely. So Mark took him to the ER and had to physically lay on him to get him to hold still while the doc gave him 5 stitches. Iron man award to both Cooper and Mark, who says he was extremely glad I wasn't there to see the whole thing. Now the challenge this week will be to keep him from bumping or rubbing his chin on things. Hmm. He's almost two and uses his chin like a third arm. You'd never think climbing onto a nice soft couch would be so potentially dangerous.

Next, about the sweat. I don't think I've mentioned this yet, but Mark has been training for about three months now with a buddy to do a triathlon sprint, an event that includes swimming, biking and running but for shorter distances than the regular Herculean triathlon. He says he can tell a difference in his energy levels and is excited to have some sort of fitness goal to work towards. Yea, baby.

The frosting was to celebrate Leslie's 8th birthday. This year she got to have a big party with friends. They had a great time and all those girls were so nice to include Boston and Cooper, too, without getting annoyed. Boss and Cooper loved the perk of finishing off the frosting beaters while Leslie was still at school. As our family birthday song proudly declares, "This is your day,but WE have all the fun!"


Haynes Fam said...

It sounds like we're missing out on all the fun! Congrats on the big birthday Leslie and good luck with the lip Cooper.

Lorena said...

Things seem to be going right on track at your house. We had one boy who had stitches and broken bones more than the others. Maybe Cooper is your little adventurer, good luck there!