Days 2017

Days 2017

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Scripture song for January

Funny side note first. A couple weeks ago Mark made the boys this nice two-stair stepping stool for their bathroom so I wouldn't have to lift Boston up to wash his hands, brush his teeth, etc. Cooper doesn't really use it yet, but when Boston caught him climbing up on it the other day, he put his hands on his hips and yelled, "Hey! Get off my standing ovation!" I guess we praise him a little too much when he remembers to use soap.

So we chose Mosiah 5:7 for our scripture this month because it talks a little bit about what it means to be baptized. Leslie will be getting baptized at the end of February. It goes to the tune of "Lord, Dismiss us with Thy Blessing" otherwise known as "Go Tell Aunt Rhody". I had to do some repetition to get it to fit the meter, but oh well, I guess that means it's also easier to learn.

"And now beca-ause of the covenant
Which ye have made ye sha-all be-e called
The-- chi-ildren of Chri-ist, his
Sons and his daughters, fo-or be-ehold
This da-ay he hath, this day he-e hath
Spiritually begotten you.
For ye-e sa-ay, for ye sa-a-ay
That yo-our hearts are cha-anged throu-ough faith
[then at this part you need to repeat the last two phrases of the melody]
On hi-is na-ame, on his na-a-ame;
Therefo-ore ye are born of him
And have become his sons andhis daughters.
Mosiah chapter fi-ive ve-erse seven."

Once again, call us and we would be happy to sing it for you.

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