Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, January 30, 2009

Non-swimmers need not apply

We are gearing up for Leslie's birthday here and have been talking a lot about her upcoming baptism. Mark asked Boss who was going to baptize Leslie. "You are." Then Mark said, "Why can't Mom do it?" Boston knew this one right away. "Moms can't swim."

I finished hand-quilting Baby Grape's baby blanket and will post pictures as soon as I get the binding on. I even managed without the hand cramps and carpal tunnel that pregnant women are prone to get (Erica...) but did find that it went much faster and more comfortably if I was wearing a bandaid like a thimble. The boys have been obligingly good while playing in the basement lately, and that is when I work on it.

Cooper amazes us every day with the things he learns and how well he talks. He picks an amazing amount up from Boston. Yesterday they were arguing over a toy and he would just repeat back Boston's insistent words. "No! I paying wiff it!" Also this week as we were cleaning up Boston's room before bed, Cooper was amusing himself with the bead-on-a-wire toy, stringing them along the track. We hear his little voice, "Four, five, six, semmen, eighk, nine". Mark and I just looked at each other in astonishment. We haven't taught him any of this stuff. He learns from playing with Boston and Leslie. Cooper also had his first chance to play in the snow. I've held him off a really long time, partly because I couldn't find the right size snowpants and partly because I'm usually the one who goes out and pulls the sled and makes the snowmen and plays in the snow with the kids and that is just not happening in third trimester, and partly because it has just been too bitter cold. Well, after going through the girl baby clothes the other day I found the correct snowsuit. Lucky for him he doesn't know the difference between girl clothes and boy clothes. He loved the whole thing and didn't want to come in, even after a face plant into a drift. Leslie and Boston played with him and I satoutside in my red porch rocker with a blanket and watched. It only could have been more perfect with a steamy mug of cocoa in hand.


Darcy said...

thanks for the laugh! How cute!

erica e said...

those kids of yours sure are characters! i wonder where they get it...
good job on the quilt! can't wait to see it. and no carpel tunnel eh? glad to hear it.