Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, January 30, 2009

Non-swimmers need not apply

We are gearing up for Leslie's birthday here and have been talking a lot about her upcoming baptism. Mark asked Boss who was going to baptize Leslie. "You are." Then Mark said, "Why can't Mom do it?" Boston knew this one right away. "Moms can't swim."

I finished hand-quilting Baby Grape's baby blanket and will post pictures as soon as I get the binding on. I even managed without the hand cramps and carpal tunnel that pregnant women are prone to get (Erica...) but did find that it went much faster and more comfortably if I was wearing a bandaid like a thimble. The boys have been obligingly good while playing in the basement lately, and that is when I work on it.

Cooper amazes us every day with the things he learns and how well he talks. He picks an amazing amount up from Boston. Yesterday they were arguing over a toy and he would just repeat back Boston's insistent words. "No! I paying wiff it!" Also this week as we were cleaning up Boston's room before bed, Cooper was amusing himself with the bead-on-a-wire toy, stringing them along the track. We hear his little voice, "Four, five, six, semmen, eighk, nine". Mark and I just looked at each other in astonishment. We haven't taught him any of this stuff. He learns from playing with Boston and Leslie. Cooper also had his first chance to play in the snow. I've held him off a really long time, partly because I couldn't find the right size snowpants and partly because I'm usually the one who goes out and pulls the sled and makes the snowmen and plays in the snow with the kids and that is just not happening in third trimester, and partly because it has just been too bitter cold. Well, after going through the girl baby clothes the other day I found the correct snowsuit. Lucky for him he doesn't know the difference between girl clothes and boy clothes. He loved the whole thing and didn't want to come in, even after a face plant into a drift. Leslie and Boston played with him and I satoutside in my red porch rocker with a blanket and watched. It only could have been more perfect with a steamy mug of cocoa in hand.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Changing Tastes...2009

I'm noticing a few changes within the Day family.

Boston: Boston has been very proud of himself lately because he can dress himself top to bottom without help, and very quickly, too. This is a nice thing for me to not have to wrangle with. I discovered this morning that he is also becoming a little fashion conscious. When he came downstairs I commented on his outfit. The red, black, and orange striped thermal shirt was the same one that he wore yesterday, as were the gray and orange socks. (ew.) He must have yanked them from the hamper. The pants were new, but not surprisingly, the pair he always chooses when he dresses himself. Navy warmups with a bright yellow stripe down the side for easy off and on I guess. They went so, uh, well together. I suggested that he needed new socks and that maybe he should change his shirt since he wore that one yesterday. He rolled his eyes at me, pointed at his shirt, and protested, "Mo-om. This one's awesome!"
One change with him we are hoping for soon is the quick-to-obey skill. I've been working the "love and logic" principles pretty hard lately to try to teach him to not be such a little sassafras and a little more helpful . I'm just remembering how awful it was when Cooper was a new baby and Boss knew he could pretty much get away with whatever he wanted no matter what I said because I was all bark and no bite, not being fast enough to chase him down. Last night I bodily hauled him upstairs under one arm, stomping for effect, of course, and force-dressed him into his jammies an hour before bedtime. He had been told multiple times to clean up his puzzle mess but he hid in the dark pantry with the box instead, totally testing us, wondering what we would do if he didn't mind. Well, he was pretty upset to be told that only boys that know how to mind get to stay up, and ones that don't have to go to bed before everybody else. After a little prodding, he came up with a plan that "might" get Mom to change her mind. He picked up the entire mess by himself and came in to Mark's office to tell him all about the drama. I must say, a little adrenaline does wonders when you are moving that much bulk up the stairs in a hurry.
Leslie: Leslie's birthday is coming up soon, and she is excited because she gets to have a "friends" party this year. She informed me, a little sheepishly, that she didn't want balloons. (?). Okay... She is also excited for baby Grape to come because when the baby moves into Boston's room and Boston moves in with Cooper, Leslie is going to "get rid of" all her princess decorations and put them up in Grape's room.
Cooper: Cooper seems to learn several new words a day and is forming two-four word sentence fragments. Unfortunately he is getting to be more of a handful. The thing we probably tell him the most lately is, "Sit Down!" He stands up on his high chair, climbs up on the counter, and can't be unsupervised in the basement (especially with Boston to help things along) because the two little hooligans like to drag chairs over to the pool table and crawl around on top, knocking the balls around. It's all Mark's fault because he plays it with them in the evenings alot, minus the crawling-around-on-top part.
Mark: Busy because of the extra low interest rates, Mark has been putting in long hours at work, even here at home late at night and Saturday. With everything being so uncertain about how the mortgage industry is going to change, our philosophy has been "Make Hay while the Sun Shines". The really impressive change, though, has been that he has been getting up early to go to the gym with his buddy a couple mornings a week and up early on Tuesday to go to the temple every week with some other buddies. (Yea, he's kind of motivated by his social nature...) So with his early breakfast meeting on Thursdays and bishopric meetings on Sundays, Friday and Saturday are the only days he even gets to watch cartoons! Poor guy.
Jackie: Let's see. I have one pair of jeans that fit. I have to wear support hose to keep my lovely varicosity problems in check. (Thanks mom, grandma, great grandma, etc.) I can still breathe well and eat alot in one sitting, though, so I'm not feeling too huge. I also am starting to think like a mom of four. Yesterday Mark and I decided to put the Odyssey up for sale. I realized that after the baby comes I only will want to drive the ocean liner, I mean, the Tahoe, because in the van I would have to climb into the way back every time to buckle and unbuckle Boston. The Tahoe backseat is three across and plenty wide for two carseats and a carrier, plus Leslie, who doesn't hardly ever come with us on errands anyway, prefers to climb through the back door to the way back seat. And there is no way Mark would be caught dead driving a minivan for work. So we will be back to a car and Tahoe family. I'm absolutely kicking myself for putting up such a stink last year about not wanting to drive the Tahoe. That's why we bought the van in the first place and sold our wonderful, reliable, very-paid-for Camry. Aargh. I'm eating humble pie. I guess that is a change for me.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wonder of Wonders

Today represents a full circle of blessings for our family. I had forgotten that four years ago there was a song circling through my brain, over and over. It was "Miracle of Miracles" from Fiddler on the Roof. Motel the Tailor sings it in wonder and awe that he, an ordinary man, has been blessed with the dearest desire of his heart. "Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, I was afraid that God would frown. But like he did so long ago at Jericho, God just made a wall fall down!...But of all God's miracles large and small, the most miraculous one of all, is the one that I thought could never be. God has given YOU to me!!!"
On the first fast Sunday in January four years ago, we found out that we would finally have another baby after four years of waiting, praying, crying, and trying to go forward in faith. It also happened to be Leslie's first day of Sunbeams class. We were so very happy and wanted to celebrate our miracle, but we didn't quite want to let her in on it yet, so Mark baked me my favorite chocolate cake with cheesecake in the middle and we told Leslie it was to celebrate her first day of Sunbeams.
Today (and two and a half pregnancies later) our Boston is getting a "Sunbeam" cake of his own.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Scripture song for January

Funny side note first. A couple weeks ago Mark made the boys this nice two-stair stepping stool for their bathroom so I wouldn't have to lift Boston up to wash his hands, brush his teeth, etc. Cooper doesn't really use it yet, but when Boston caught him climbing up on it the other day, he put his hands on his hips and yelled, "Hey! Get off my standing ovation!" I guess we praise him a little too much when he remembers to use soap.

So we chose Mosiah 5:7 for our scripture this month because it talks a little bit about what it means to be baptized. Leslie will be getting baptized at the end of February. It goes to the tune of "Lord, Dismiss us with Thy Blessing" otherwise known as "Go Tell Aunt Rhody". I had to do some repetition to get it to fit the meter, but oh well, I guess that means it's also easier to learn.

"And now beca-ause of the covenant
Which ye have made ye sha-all be-e called
The-- chi-ildren of Chri-ist, his
Sons and his daughters, fo-or be-ehold
This da-ay he hath, this day he-e hath
Spiritually begotten you.
For ye-e sa-ay, for ye sa-a-ay
That yo-our hearts are cha-anged throu-ough faith
[then at this part you need to repeat the last two phrases of the melody]
On hi-is na-ame, on his na-a-ame;
Therefo-ore ye are born of him
And have become his sons andhis daughters.
Mosiah chapter fi-ive ve-erse seven."

Once again, call us and we would be happy to sing it for you.