Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Little Elves

Here are some fun Christmas pics. Cooper with his new (used--a huge box of them on ebay for seven bucks) rescue heroes. You would think he might be making a face because he figured out that they were used. Nope. He was ticked at me because the first present he opened was a package of socks...inside an empty box of his favorite granola bars. He kept asking, "bars?!" until I went and got him one so the Christmas joy could continue. Boston was tickled to finally get an indestructible Playskool flashlight that would not fall into the category of the little rule I remind him of almost every day. "That's a tool, not a toy!"
Leslie got some more Littlest Pet Shop stuff, a phase I think she is just about done with, but that is what she asked for, along with books and art stuff. And then there is me, finally in 3rd trimester mode, modeling some baby clothes that my sister Darcy got for baby Grape. (She's a little excited...she only has boys.) Thanks, Darcy Doodle! I'm also wearing what Mark calls my fluffy duck suit. I love when the comfort thing overrides the fashion thing and nobody calls you on it because you are too big to fit into anything cool, anyway.
The other pictures are of cousin Jaxon who is only a few weeks younger than Cooper. My brother Jake and his wife Rachel came to stay with us before we left to Montana for Christmas. It was really fun to see the boys play together for the first time, and a little surreal for me because Jaxon looks an awful lot like Jake did at that age, but with brown eyes. It's like having your brother be the same age as your kids.
It was really good to just take off (other than the 22 hours total, going through "Helena" and back, in the car) and be able to lay around all week with Mom and Brooke to do most of the cooking and dishes, etc. My kids hardly needed a referee at all with so much to keep them busy. Mom and Dad even babysat while Mark took me on my Christmas gift of choice, to finally go see the Twilight movie I've been wanting to see with him. I thoroughly enjoyed it and really got a bang out of Mark's reaction to the whole thing of what all the hubbub has been about among all us crazy women. I asked him afterward if he: a. liked it fine, b. was indifferent, c. hated its guts. He said he liked it fine and even brought up some observations a few days later. Since I am not one of those obsessed fans, I laughed pretty hard and told him that I was going to clue in the rest of the world on this blog. Here is what he noticed.
Why Mark is Better than Edward the Vampire
1. Edward is kind of rude and bossy.
2. Edward looks a little, well, gay at times.
3. Mark would never wear make-up. Especially white make-up with lipstick.
4. Mark didn't look like he was going to throw up the first time he met HIS true love.
What Mark Totally Appreciates about Edward the Vampire
1. Edward has a pretty broad definition of "vegetarian". Only eat animals.

Tune in next time for our January Book of Mormon scripure song. (With all that time trying to not go insane in the car, you knew I would have one ready!) December's 2 Nephi 25:26 was a huge hit and Boston requests to sing it all the time. I'm excited.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby-neezer Scrooge

This is a warning and an apology to those of you out there who usually receive a Christmas card from us. Usually, my first activity of the holiday season is to sit down and write a somewhat witty and very braggy Christmas letter to go with a nice family picture of ours. Then I spend several joyful hours stuffing between 40-50 envelopes and anticipating a possible return letter from any of our recipients. This year, the whole belly-up-to-the-table, filling out addresses routine just sounds horrid and tiring. (It doesn't help that we've nearly wasted a week of December with our family taking turns going through the stomach flu...) I asked Mark if he thought it would be okay if I just plead pregnancy and skip the Christmas cards this year. He heartily agreed (mostly because he hates it when I nag him for a week to hunt down the addresses of his friends or family I can't find.) Maybe we'll make up for it by sending out birth announcements this time around. (Well...if someone volunteers to make them for me. Miranda? Elsje? Michelle?)
Anyway, another problem was that it's not very likely that I was going to like any family picture this year, creeping up on 3rd trimester and all. We had a couple of ridiculous afternoons where we tried to get pictures of the kids being cute together and decided that we just needed Uncle Duke to come and make faces for them because Mom and Dad weren't cuttin' it. So if you are wondering what the kids look like, here's one shot we sort of liked...although it hasn't been trimmed the way we would have done it. And Boston's got a weird smile, but oh well. Atleast you can see the holes in Leslie's jeans from playing rowdy with the boys on the carpet and the gaps in her teeth.
And the Christmas letter? Well, I feel like I've already cued everyone in on all the cute stuff with this blog, anyway, and it's no fun to write a rerun.
This is turning out to be a nice Christmas though. I get to be involved in some music stuff with the Relief Society Christmas brunch and the ward choir. Mark had a very fun work Christmas party at Texas Roadhouse, where the country-fried steak I ordered was as big as the platter it was on. (Dad says beef is good for pregnant women.) All of the kids, Cooper included, can chime in when singing Angels we have Heard on High. I managed to pull off a double batch of my Grandma's Christmas rasberry bars and eat them before we all lost our appetite with the flu. Now that I'm feeling better I'm having trouble deciding what to make next! I've got Baby Grape's quilt top done and up on my new quilt frame. And Mark is having a very busy, exciting month for work to finish off the year strong after a lot of slowness and adjusting to all the new processing rules and mortgage regulations that the banks have changed this year. (So no one out there worry that we aren't sending a Christmas letter because Mark has changed careers to be a trucker or something...he still loves his job.)
This is starting to get as bad as the usual letter.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Flood Starts Here: Christmas 2008

Yesterday I sat in a class at church where the teacher distributed copies of Pres. Benson's talk from 1988 (one I actually do remember hearing, twenty years ago in October) , entitled "Flooding the Earth with the Book of Mormon". I don't think I've gone over it for a long time, but I was very impressed this time for some reason. The end is kind of sad. Pres. Benson compares himself to Moses who never got to see the promised land. He, age 90 when he gave this talk, said he knew he wouldn't live to see the Book of Mormon flood the earth or for the Lord to lift his condemnation from the saints for receiving it lightly (D&C 84:54-58). Twenty years later, I am pretty confident that this condemnation has not yet been lifted. Yikes!
He also asks this of us.
"I challenge all of us to prayerfully consider steps that we can personally take to bring this new witness for Christ more fully into our own lives and into a world that so desperately needs it."
He had several suggestions on how we could do this, for example, he asked all businessmen who had the opportunity to place copies of the Book of Mormon in their reception areas. (I caught Mark on this one...). He also mentions the "age of electronic media" as a tool. And this was back in 1988! I think he may have meant this talk for some of us in future years. The part that really stuck with me, though, was this.
"I have a vision of thousands of missionaries going into the mission field with hundreds of passages memorized from the Book of Mormon so that they might feed the needs of a spiritually famished world."
Um, do any of you know of a single missionary who went out into the field with HUNDREDS of scriptures from the Book of Mormon memorized? Maybe 25? I don't think this prophecy has been anywhere near fulfilled yet, but I am a mom of two little boys. I have the power in me to accomplish this seemingly impossible task. (At least for two missionaries.)
So, this Christmas, we are having a kickoff of a family goal to memorize one scripture from the Book of Mormon every month. If we do this, Boston will know 100 by the time he is 12. (Sorry Mom. I know the Christmas tradition is to teach the kids "Fear not, for behold" every year, I know you are completely heartbroken.) And now you say, how can a three year old possibly retain something like that until he turns 19 and then for the rest of his life? There's a little trick a friend that moved in from Washington brought our class when we were in seminary together. All you have to do is attach the scripture to a familiar tune and it will be in that un-erasable part of your brain forever. (It's a good thing, because the regular part of my brain that used to be able to memorize things is completely shot.) Does anyone have access to the scripture mastery scriptures that have already been set to hymns, used by some seminary instructors? I only know four of them but would LOVE to have a complete list. I don't want to re-invent the wheel or anything.
Anyway, I think I had a little help this morning when I was trying to figure out our first one because I picked the right song right away. I thought this was extra appropriate for Christmastime, and the true meaning of the season. I'll try to type it out here transposed with the meter of the hymn if anyone else cares to join us while we learn it. Good luck!

To the tune of, "Oh Come All Ye Faithful".
Scripture: 2 Nephi 25:26

Oh Come, all ye Faith-ful. Joy-ful and Tri-um-phant.
__ We talk of Christ, we re-joice in Christ, we preach

Oh come, ye, oh co-ome ye to Be-eth-le-hem.
of Christ,we-e pro-phe-cy of Christ, and we write

Come and be-hold Him. Born the King of a-an-gels.
A-ccord-ing to our Pro-o- phe-e- ci-ee-ees.

Oh come, let us a-dore Him. Oh come, let us a-dore Him.
That our chil-dren may know to what so-ource they may look for

Oh come, let us a-dore Hi- im, Chri- ist, the Lord!
A re- mis-sion of their sins. Second NephiTwenty-fiveTwen- ty- six!

If this isn't helpful, call me and I'll sing it for you. Ah, I found a website that has someone singing the scripture mastery verses, but I haven't listened yet to see if they are the same ones I already knew. Any others?