Days 2017

Days 2017

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Today we took a little field trip to the big Bingham Copper Mine--the only man-made landmark you can see from outer space. (The pictures are a little skeewumpus but atleast I got them all loaded. Hooray for me! Anyone have any picture loading tips? It always takes me YEARS to get them on this stinking site and I don't know how everyone else does it so easily... is my camera just dumb or is it really me?) It was a little breezy but very cool and interesting. Leslie remarked on the drive up that it was very "remote" (one of her spelling words, but don't be too impressed. Earlier in the week she thanked us for helping cure her bloody nose by rubbing "gaseline" on it.) The boys loved seeing all the big equipment. Their load trucks are as big as houses and you can see the tires they use--8 of them per truck. I'd never been, Mark hadn't been since he was a kid, and mostly we just felt like getting out of the house before it gets too cold.
The rest of the week was full of fun fall activities. Our ward had a big halloween party Monday and that was fun--some year we will go through their annual haunted maze by the lake when we aren't carrying kids. I guess I don't have pictures of Mark and I but I was a 70's mom with a big blonde 'fro, a scarf and a corduroy jacket. My friend wore exactly the same wig, so we got our pictures taken in disco pose and I had "Stayin' Alive" stuck in my head all night. Mark wore a white garbage sack with a sign that said, "White Trash", and his friend wore exactly the same thing, but with a cool hat. So I guess we weren't very original this year. Cooper was going to wear the tiger suit this year but when Boston saw it, he remembered it from last year and threw a fit, insisting it was his. So I let them switch costumes (although Boston was kind of high-waters). Cooper didn't mind at all. He loved the fireman hat. Leslie saved my bacon by enthusiastically agreeing to be a pink flamingo once again, as soon as she realized her costume still fit. She had been that when she was four, but the costume was huge on her at the time. (Plus, as she reminded me, she did do a report on flamingos last year and she had never worn that costume to school before.) I say she saved my bacon because she thought she wanted to be a dead bride, and I was going to have to make her a tattered white dress and veil. (sigh...goodbye princess stage) So all in all, I was pretty proud of myself because we spent all of two dollars on costumes this year--for Leslie's pink tights-- and reused or borrowed the rest.
The night before Halloween we carved pumpkins. It is always hilarious because we make the kids yank out the guts themselves. This was Boston's first time and he thought it was kind of gross (egged on by Mark's expression in that shot of them) until he realized that Leslie ALSO thought it was gross and he had a prime pesky brother opportunity. Lots of waving orange guts in the face at that point. Cooper learned the word "yuck" really well that night. He just sat nice in his high chair with his pumpkin I had already drawn a kitty on and scribbled it up with washable markers.
Halloween went well. We ate homemade pizza by candlelight and had our Halloween sounds CD blaring out the window to the front porch. I took Cooper trick or treating for a few houses on our street, but he mostly just wanted to run around and not follow the kids, so we came home and did dishes and handed out treats instead. And really, Cooper's not into much candy yet--just a few licks of a dum dum and he's good. Mark finished up the rounds--lucky for us because it downpoured on them. I was excited for them to come home because I had prepared a Martha Stewart-worthy tray of my friend Lorena's fabulous carmel apple cider in cute mugs, topped with whip cream and everything. So we peeled off wet clothes and sat everyone at the table to sip our gorgeous holiday drinks and giggle together. Do you think that is what really happened? Ah, no, but I guess it serves me right for going overboard and made me laugh, anyway. I passed out the drinks while the kids were dumping their candy on the table. Guess what they found? Someone had given them Capri Suns (grrr) and, of course, out of all their candy, that is what they wanted first, heck with mom's decadence. Cooper wouldn't touch his either because I made him have a lid on his and that made him mad. I burned my tongue on mine, but it was very, very good. Thanks Lorena! Next time I'll make it for myself when I'm up late. So all the kids' drinks went down the sink, we turned off the porch lights and tucked our cute little monsters in for the night.


Anna M. said...

Sounds like a fun Halloween! Your kids sure look cute in their costumes...they are all getting so big...I remember when they were little. Time sure does fly by quick. And, Caramel Apple Cider...yum yum! =)

elshmobelsh said...

You know I went to Bingham High school and I've still never been to the Copper Mine. Yes, I need to go one day.

Sounds like you mostly had fun. I had the same experience with the cider. I made it and Jay and I were the only ones who liked it, plus our friends ended up leaving early and didn't get any. Oh, well, maybe next year. ;o) Caramel Cider sounds even better though. mmmm.

Love the get the guts out themselves idea. We'll have to try that one!