Days 2017

Days 2017

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Popcorn and Potatoes

We've been enjoying the crispy cold weather. Mark woke up at 6 this morning, freezing, and covered all the kids with extra blankets. I was already too hot and didn't need one, thanks Grape! We get to find out if Grape is female or that other sex on November 12, hooray! Mark and the boys are downstairs watching football, of course, and Leslie is watching the old Katherine Hepburn version of Little Women. She saw that it was on TV and insisted that we tape it because she just finished reading the Illustrated Classics version. Good for her. (I hope she can understand what they are saying...those black and whites have pretty fast dialogue for a seven year old.) Boston heard us discussing whether or not she could watch it and he came up to me, big blue eyes and all, "Mommy? Can we please watch Little Man?"
I had two beautiful mornings with the boys this week. They were both cranky and wanted to go outside, so I would go with them, trying to enjoy the last of our warm days. Monday I got out the shovel and the wheelbarrow and we dug up our potatoes. It was so fun--the boys were so excited and even Cooper was trying to crawl into the garden box to get the bright red Easter eggs that were hiding in the dirt. We got two big sackfuls. What an easy crop! I picked a few of the pumpkins as well, but they made the wheelbarrow a little to heavy to push up the hill. While I was taking the pumpkins, one by one, to my porch, of course the boys tipped over the wheelbarrow. They had just as much fun picking up all the pretty potatoes off the grass, though.
A few days later (after watching an old movie, "Drums Along the Mohawk" and seeing the bundles of drying corn hanging from the walls of the cabin) the boys and I harvested about half of the popcorn. You're supposed to let it dry on the stalk, and only about half of them were dry. Boston loves husking corn and so the two of us sat in the grass in the sunshine and peeled back the husks (he was so careful not to rip them off!) and tied them into two big bundles. Now they are so pretty, hanging in my pantry to finish drying. Then we are supposed to be able to rub the kernels off and pop them. Here are some pictures of my lovely fall activities.

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Laurie said...

Great work Jackie! Suzanne gave us the night off from our RS Meeting, so I am coming to your house tonight!! I am really excited, I haven't been able to get to the recipe group yet. See you later!!