Days 2017

Days 2017

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Child's Glove: A Modern Mystery

I'm realizing that pregnancy has made me quite lax in my online activities. I'd really rather be curled up under a blanket with a book while Cooper is asleep. But my kids are just too darn cute to keep to myself. Today is the last day of Leslie's 5 day school break. We've done pretty well for her, I think. Friday night Mark's friend Aaron brought his kids over and they set up their tent in the backyard. Leslie had been begging Mark all summer to camp with her in the backyard, and Mark is way more likely to do something like that if friends are involved (sharing the misery...). So I happily gazed out on two quiet tents in my backyard late that night as I finished up watching my Alfred Hitchcock movie, all by myself, checked on Cooper, and went to sleep in a soft warm bed. I did make the menfolk some fancy breakfast burritos the next morning as payment for their "good dad sacrifice". Saturday was nice outside so we slaved away on the backyard all morning, cleaning out the garden, bringing in toys, and scrubbing the sprinkler calcium deposits off my basement windows. Then we rewarded our hard-working family by feeding the kids sandwiches and taking ourselves to the JCW drive-thru before heading to the park to play. I know, we're cheapos, but we shared a few French fries with them and they didn't mind a bit.
Today is Grandma Day day. She treated me and the kids to a trip to the Living Planet Aquarium this morning and then whisked Boston and Leslie off to her house for lunch and playtime. Boston liked it but the timing may not have been the best since he woke up with a shark nightmare yesterday. Then again, maybe it was a good reality check because their sharks are really small and not frightening. Leslie only pet the sting rays in the open water about 20 times, and Cooper refused to sit nice in the stroller because he was having too much fun running up and down a wooden boat ramp they had in the Salt Lake exhibit. I now want a pet octopus, but I got a little cross-eyed looking through all that curved glass at the fish.
Most of the time though, our entertainment is not that elaborate. Mark and I laughed 'til we cried last night when Boston found a stray child's work glove. The fingers were quite narrow and he could not, for the life of him, get each of his fingers in its assigned slot. Why do they make gloves for little kids anyway? They never work! Mark even tried helping him for about 10 minutes. The funniest part was that he THOUGHT all of the fingers on the glove were occupied because they stood up stiff. We'd ask him how old he was and he'd hold up an empty and two fingers, after looking at it for a minute. He's a smart one, alright.

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Haynes Fam said...

It sounds like you guys are enjoying the last of the warm weather wisely. That's great. About the glove, the reason they have them for little kids is because of boys named Jaxon. After you finally get them on they're almost impossible for little kids to get off by themselves, as opposed to mittens where one good pull and they're goners:)