Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Michelangelo Strikes Again

Ah, brotherly love. You'll remember a few weeks ago I posted pictures of Cooper plastered in Vicks. Well, Boston did it again, this time in that thick Eucerin lotion that comes in a tub. I was just in the next room and smiling that they were playing so quietly together and laughing at each other that I didn't suspect. (Until Boston started yelling, "Yucky! Ha hahaha.") I rubbed most of it off with a towel and threw him in the tub. Of course, Boston had to climb in the tub, too. (He just strips himself and hops in. Oh well.) Then, while I was getting Cooper dressed, Boston emptied half a bottle of Leslie's shampoo into the water. What a hurricane he is. They are starting to play so well together, though. The next picture is Cooper, running (that's why the picture is so bad) giving his older brother a ride on the Beep Beep. I swear that thing probably has 5,000 miles on it. The last picture you can see that I am starting to celebrate the season of the harvest. This was the first year I grew sunflowers and this head was so enormous it drooped down about two feet. I finally decided to pick it and let it dry out in the house because I was worried it was going to break. I read that I'm supposed to hang them upside down to dry in a mesh bag to catch the seeds, then soak the seeds in salt water and bake them. I actually hate sunflower seeds but I love the way the flowers look and Mark loves them, so I figured I should learn how to do it.
This week has been a learning experience. For Mark. He's been picking up the slack for me while I recover from surgery. I'm supposed to put my foot up alot and not stand on it very long, so I haven't been doing the routine clean-up-as-you-go-along type of stuff. He comes home from work and the house is completely trashed, with bits of torn toilet paper floating around between the cracks because Cooper keeps getting into the stash in the pantry. Plus the counters are stacked with dishes and the floor has not been swept. It's actually quite gratifying to be a bum for awhile, just to realize how much you actually mean to the family. Too bad I'm starting to feel better.
So, the surgery was to remove a bone spur and some troublesome scar tissue from beneath the nail of my big right toe. I injured it pretty bad in highschool when (clumsy me, of course) I was trying to yank open a metal locker drawer that wouldn't to get my shoes out after a swimming party. It flew out and landed on my bare, wet toe. Blood and gore, etc., and it has never been right since then. I had it checked out five years ago when it was giving me alot of pain and the podiatrist found out that it had actually been broken and that a bone spur had developed in the nail bed, making the nail ugly, unhealthy and not very well attached to my toe. He suggested surgery at the time but that freaked me out and I declined. Well, I barely tapped it with a vaccuum cleaner attachment a couple weeks ago and thought I was going to die of pain. So, after limping around for a week I went back to the doc and he said, "Let's do it." Luckily they still had my old x rays. He had to do it in the operating room instead of his office because he was going to be grinding down bone tissue.
This actually made for an interesting predicament. A little dinky surgery on a pregnant woman in a highly regulated and kind of scary place. I lived it up. First of all, since I am pregnant, he didn't want to put me under. Fine with me! I was awake for my wisdom teeth removal and that was no big deal. No paycheck for the anesthesiologist, na na. Plus, since I was only going to have a local, pain-numbing shot, the doc said to just ignore the nurse that called the day before to schedule me and instruct me not to eat or drink anything for however many hours. So I ate a nice big breakfast. I had no idea the nurses would be so ticked at me, but they were. I'm sure they thought I was going to lose it all over the operating room. It was actually pretty hilarious. I should have faked them out. Since they have so many rules I had to dress in the gown and the shower cap and everything. For a little pedicure. Then, after much protestation from me, they still had to give me an IV. "Just in case", they smiled. I guess they thought I was going to go into shock or something. They strapped me to the table and had to check the baby's heartbeat before we could start. That was actually kind of cool (although unnecessary) because they did it at the same time as the doctor was giving the shots, so I had something to distract me. I said, "Hand me my library book, please." They were shocked, but finally did something I asked, and the surgery was over after only about a chapter. They said they weren't used to people being awake in there.
Anyway, I think I'm recovering and will shortly be able to not have a plastic baggy over my foot when I'm in the shower.


Haynes Fam said...

It looks like you guys are having a great fall. you're boys are getting so big. Now Cooper's baby cheeks will be EXTRA soft. We're glad to hear you're feeling better, even if that means putting your apron back on and following the crew around with a mop. Good luck down there!

erica e said...

ha! i love the typical Jackie story of you reading a library book while having surgery! :) glad your foot in on the mend.
your boys sure do sound like they know how to have fun.
can't wait to see yall next week.