Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Little Reunion

This was a really fun, busy week, all revolving around Saturday's activities for the womenfolk. Some of our friends from Texas, the Ernstroms, who used to be our neighbors, came and stayed with us a few days. It was great to let the kids entertain each other while we talked, shopped, lounged around and ate. Then Friday some of our other friends, also old neighbors, the Knudsens, came to spend the night as well, so we were the big party house, pizza, homemade donuts and all. Everybody kept apologizing for creating work for the limping pregnant woman, but really, the kids were great and everybody worked hard, letting me pretty much boss them around. It felt like old times that we got to stay up and play board games or watch movies when the kids all finally conked out.
Saturday was our big day. Erica, Miranda, Michelle and I, along with several of our other friends, are part of an unofficial quilt guild--the Loch Lomond Quilters. Our unofficial group leader was hosting a quilt show for us in her backyard and so we all helped and displayed our beautimus creations. (Our husbands were troopers for taking the kids pretty much all day...) It was beautiful weather and so fun to catch up with so many old friends while we strolled around and sat around in the shade eating all the goodies from the treats table. Miranda and I got to be the not-so-serious judges and had a blast passing out awards to the ones we liked the best, although now I'm starting to feel bad that we couldn't think up more awards because there were so many beautiful quilts. It was hard to decide!
Then Erica had to leave, but the rest of us also got to attend the Relief Society broadcast together. It was SO good and whaddayaknow, Pres. Uchtdorf talked about two things that will bring us joy: creation and compassion. Michelle leaned over and said, "I'm gonna tell Jeff that Pres. Uchtdorf told us to quilt!" My friends, with all their service, had been doing both all weekend, and when we stood to sing the intermediate hymn I was startled to tears to hear their strong voices harmonizing with mine. I had forgotten what that was like. Thank you, ladies.


Downey said...

I forgot about your quilt thing, I would have loved to see that. I'm glad you had a great time. It's so fun to have friends come and visit.I'm glad that you had such a fun weekend!

erica e said...

thank you, thank you, thank you for all your hospiltality and all the fun! you are the hostess with the mostess. i'm wishing now that i could have gone to the relief society meeting with yall. i'm so thankful for good friends!

Anna M. said...

It was so good to see you at the quilt show and have a chance to catch up a little...we all need to get together more often. Glad to hear that you are recovering well from your foot surgery...if you need help with anything, please let me know. =)

erica e said...

oh, p.s. i NEED that french toast recipe too! absolutely MUST HAVE IT. yum.