Days 2017

Days 2017

Saturday, August 30, 2008

That time of year again...

I guess it's time to drag myself back to the computer. You may notice my less frequent postings because I seem to be doing a lot of laying around while Cooper is napping (my usual computer time)...I just don't feel the urge to accomplish pretty much anything. Finish a novel or a chocolate bar or both, maybe. My poor house. Lucky for it, yesterday we hosted a big BBQ for Mark's breakfast meeting group, so I had a little shove to get everything tidied up. Plus whenever Mark wants to have company he is very motivated to help with the cleaning, so I don't mind one bit. Other than the drowsiness and the aversion to meal planning (are you kidding me? actually EAT those yellow squash in the garden that I thought sounded so good when I planted them this spring...) I have been feeling just fine.
Leslie got off to a happy start with second grade and likes her teacher very much. I miss the slave labor and the female companionship, but it probably has been a good thing for me to be forced to sit and play with the boys to keep them happy, and now we are off to a pretty good routine. My biggest dilemma was trying to figure out how to take a shower after a morning workout without Leslie around to babysit boys for me. I can't leave them alone together. I can't have Cooper in the bathroom with me at all because I have a walk-in shower and he does just walk right in. It used to not be so bad because he would just crawl around my ankles and get his bath at the same time, but now that he walks he slips and falls. I can't let Cooper play in the dry jet tub unless I wrap a towel around the faucets so he doesn't turn the water on, but then Boston wanders in, removes the towel, and does the job for him. So I finally decided to try letting the boys bathe together in my jet tub while I shower (I can see them because, with a walk-in, it is an open shower). I thought, "This is brilliant! They love it, it solves my problem, and it gets two jobs done at once!" But as soon as I congratulated myself, Boston climbed up onto the ledge seat like he was playing king of the mountain or something and cannonballed into the tub, right on top of Cooper, splashing my entire bathroom in the process. So we're back to square one. Good thing (I guess) that most days I'm too tired for a morning workout anyway.
We are back to Mark's busiest season. Work comes in faster, he plays softball for two hours every Wednesday night, and of course, football season started today. We've worked out a pretty good system for the football watching thing. He is allowed to go and watch any of the games at whoever's house (we don't have the right channel) as long as he takes one of the boys with him. Hence, Mark and Boston are gone to play with their friends Brent and little Charlie, and I am here with a happily un-bullied Cooper, with my chance to sit at the computer. Go Big Blue!


Beam Family said...

Glad you are feeling good. Boys will be boys, right?

Julie Pitcher said...

Hi Jackie...its Julie Schenk(Pitcher). Your blog was so fun to read...I've been snooping for people I knew. Congrats on another baby. This will be 4 right? We are in Great FAlls and I hope never to leave. You're in Utah right? You'll have to drop me a note sometime...I just started this blog thing! Julie

Ashley Lisonbee said...

I had no idea you were expecting, congradulations. I hope it is okay I found your blog. Your family looks adorable. . . if there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know.
Ashley Lisonbee

Ralina said...

Your blog is hilarious. I love this post about your boys. It's probably not funny to you, but the way you right made me laugh. I didn't realize you were expecting (looks like it from previous comments and you saying you are laying around anyway). I hope things are going well. How far along are you? I hope we can get together again before we move AGAIN. If not it was fun the times we were able to. You guys have a great family and we love hanging out with you guys.