Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, August 15, 2008

Meet Grape.

I wanted to just have the picture and let everyone figure out the news, but I figured that would generate too many questions. I'm somewhere around 9-10 weeks (and have been saving this picture to post until I had been to the doc). I am actually a week further along than I thought, so that's nice. My due date is March 26. I haven't yet checked how close that is to Easter. I feel pretty good with not much concern of feeling any worse--I've had pretty easy pregnancies thus far. This one has made me very sleepy and not very ambitious to accomplish anything yet. Today the boys were playing peekaboo with my long dining room curtains and pulled one down. I took one look at it, thought, "I'll have to climb up on a chair and lift up my arms for a slightly extended period of time. Too can wait for Mark to get home." So I draped it over a chair and left it. After this post, while Cooper is sleeping, I'm going to plug Boston into the electronic babysitter and meet up with my pillow. Sometimes having a couch potato child is a good thing. Other than that and the fact that my lower back has somehow gone on strike, I feel pretty good. It's my fourth and I think I'm starting to show already, despite all the exercising I've done this summer, but my doctor says the womb is now about the size of a grapefruit, so now I don't feel too bad. Grapefruits can be pretty big. Speaking of grapes, when we first found out we didn't tell anyone in the family except Boston and Cooper, figuring they wouldn't be tempted to spill it. I asked Boston what we should name the baby in my tummy if it was a girl. Without hesitation, he answered, Grape. We thought that was pretty funny since the baby was probably about the size of one at the time.
Now that Grape has had her front page news, I wanted to add one of the boys' misadventures. They were being good and quiet upstairs the other day and I smelled this strange but medicinally comforting smell wafting down the stairwell. I went up to investigate and found Boston aka Picasso redoing his brother's face. In Vicks. I don't think it stung his eyes to bad because he didn't cry and they didn't really water, so I guess he's okay.
We were watching this blurb on Michael Phelps last night. It had computer imaging that was analyzing his body type, trying to explain why he is such a good swimmer. ex. He has an extremely long torso, flat backside and short legs with double jointed knees. (They said it, not me.) I thought, poor guy. He probably feels like horseflesh. They I thought, my dad the rancher always refers to me as his "heavy" when I am pregnant and his milk cow after the baby comes. So here is how I think that computer program would have analyzed this body.
1. Wide hips--great for birthing, bad for blue jeans.
2. Long hair--beneficial for child sitting ON one of those wide hips when needing an extra grip while battling the centrifugal force of riding around a corner at top speed, chasing down other child who has just made off with an open bottle of chocolate syrup.
3. Overarched brow--an advantage when questioning a child's misbehavior during church. It sends a warning signal completely silently.
4. Extraordinary lung capacity and highly resonant vocal chords--for when questioning a child's misbehavior not during church, but three doors down. Also works well for when trying to communicate with mate over three babbling children and a ringing phone and a beeping oven timer.
5. Pursed and whetted lips--these provide a backup whistle for getting the attention of any and all children subject to selective listening.
6. Long, elegant, highly dexterous fingers--useful when accompanying singing family on the piano or in a less harmonious mood, flicking troublesome child in the forehead.
7. Extended lap length--provides extra roomy seating for child wanting to "help" me run the sewing machine or just have a story read to them. Unfortunately, this one is temporary and disappears with every pending child.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you all!

erica e said...

Wowie! great news! you days sure do keep busy! good thing jackie is a super woman!

Beam Family said...

Congrats, happy to hear about your pregnancy. You were pregnant, then, when we saw you in July, right? Good job keeping it quiet. Your posts are always so entertaining, that picture of Cooper is hilarious!

Jen said...

Congrats! Get some good rest!

Tristan said...

Congrats! Welcome to the world of four. It's a crazy, fun life.

Nagels said...

Congratulations :)

Nikki said...

Hello Day Family! I found you through Libby's blog. You have such a a cute family. Congratulations on your Pregnancy! That is exciting. I will check in now and again!! My blog is
It's good to find old friends!
Nikki (Alexander) Whitehead

Andy, Melissa and Isabella said...

AWESOME! Congrats on your new one on the way!

Romney Family said...

Congrats to you guys!! I hope you are still feeling well!!

Sheldon said...

Congrats, I never would have thought I would have a child older than anyone of your kids. We are still waiting for that delicious Day dinner you wanted us to come to. Ha ha ha... Congrats on the news. Feel free to check our blog