Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Three smoky bears at the beach

This week we had a great camping trip. This was our first time as a family since our disastrous trip when Boston was a nursing baby and I had to go to the emergency room with mastitis. (It was bound to be better than that!) It really went very smoothly. I was determined to go this year, even though the mom has to do a lion's share of work, because I think it's important for our kids to have good memories of doing fun things as a family. I especially wanted this for Leslie since she has to miss out on a lot of adventures because she has two teeny brothers who can't do much. It really was fun and I actually wasn't bothered by the extra work and hassle. Boston was just the perfect age for it--he had a great time throwing rocks in the creek and staying up late outside. Cooper did pretty well--we brought his pack n' play to pen him in a little and also his highchair. The only part he didn't like was having to go to sleep in the tent. He howled plenty and probably woke several other campers, but oh well. My other two stayed asleep, so it wasn't too bad.
We went with some of our friends that we don't see much since they moved to Logan to a campground in Huntsville, then played on the beach at the lake there the next day. The campground was secluded (just the way I need it to be to not complain about living in Utah...) by tall, tall grass and had shady trees and a stream nearby. It was perfect; even the foursome of woodpeckers living in the tree over the tent were kind of fun to wake up to.
Mark cooked us a fabulous Dutch oven breakfast and then we went over to Pineview Reservoir to swim and play on their long, sandy beach. It felt almost oceany, but without salt and sharks. Boston was kind of freaked out by the waves, but he had fun anyway, I think. Cooper loved being in the water and Leslie lounged on the floaty. My legs are still chalky white but my shoulders burned. Sigh. Here are some shots. My favorite moment of the whole trip was when the kids all climbed into Mark's vacated spot in our double sleeping bag when they woke up. (He was making breakfast.) They were all cuddly and giggly to be in the was nice to just love on them and have nowhere to go or nothing to get done.

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Miranda said...

Hey, thanks so much for the fun camping trip. It was so good to see you guys. Sorry that we bumbed out on you guys at the lake. Brandon is breathing much better now:-)! We'll have to make it a tradition! Good times!